If you are a skincare enthusiast (just like me), then you’d know the importance of skincare ingredients in your products. These ingredients are what make your skincare products what they’re – amazing and effective.

The right skincare ingredients can completely transform your skin game and give you your best skin yet. However, with the numerous options available out there, it can get confusing to pick the most beneficial from the lot. But fret not, we’re here to help you. Here are 5 trending skincare ingredients that have been generating quite a buzz for all the right reasons. Check ‘em out.


01. Niacinamide

01.	Niacinamide

If you are a girl with enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, dullness or fine lines and wrinkles, niacinamide is the skincare hero you should be turning to. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, a water-soluble ingredient that works to make your skin appear soft, supple, glowing and super plump. Enriched with antioxidants, this is one ingredient that reduces signs of damage such as dark spots, fine lines, pigmentation to reveal skin that looks bright and flawless.


02. Azelaic acid

02.	Azelaic acid

Tired of oily, acne-prone and inflamed skin? Well, azelaic acid is the answer to all these problems. From drying out acne, fading acne scars and blemishes to reducing discolouration and rosacea, this is one ingredient you need in your skincare routine ASAP. Applying this acid helps to gently exfoliate your skin, restrict excess sebum production, unclog pores and prevent the occurrence of acne. Additionally, if you have skin that is super sensitive and bumpy, we highly recommend you to use azelaic acid-based products to reduce sensitivity and have clear, glowing skin.


03. Electrolytes

03.	Electrolytes

If you have skin that feels perpetually dry, lacklustre and dull, chances are that it could be in need of hydration. And if your regular moisturiser hasn’t really been making the cut, then you need to introduce electrolytes based skincare products into your skincare routine ASAP. When mixed with water, these little babies conduct electricity and help to replenish the moisture levels of your skin. Electrolytes work by dissolving into your body’s natural fluids and create an electric charge to deliver all the necessary hydration and nutrients to make your skin feel look conditioned and moisturised at all times.


04. Retinol

04.	Retinol

As we age, unfortunately, our skin starts to look dehydrated, dull and begins to develop fine lines and wrinkles. While ageing is inevitable, we can surely slow down the process. But how do we do that? By including some retinol-based products in your daily skincare routine. This ingredient leaves your skin super soft, supple and even-tones by speeding up the process of cell turnover. This process will leave your skin looking rejuvenated and youthful in a matter of weeks.


05. Glycolic acid

05.	Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is an exfoliating agent that helps eliminate dead skin cells minus any of those gritty scrub particles. Using a glycolic acid toner or cleanser helps reveal clear and glowing skin. Thanks to its low molecular weight, this amazing acid penetrates deep into your skin and shows quicker results. For anyone dealing with rough and dull-looking skin, get your hands on a skincare product enriched with glycolic acid and you’d surely be thanking us for this recommendation.

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