Whether you’re too chicken to take the dive down south or going natural is just the way you like it—there’s no denying that the mind has pondered. From what it sounds like, there is no good enough reason, be it the beach or the boy, which makes the rip worth it. But what exactly are you to expect? BeBEAUTIFUL decodes the ultimate Brazilian experience for you and tells you if it’s worth your buck (and tears).
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‘As good as kissing feels, nothing feels as good as the anticipation of it’     
Likewise (and try your best to refrain from beating us with a stick if you’ve already been there, done that), the fear that is inherently attached to the idea of a Brazilian wax is significantly more daunting that the act of it. Which is why, we suggest you do what you have to, to ease that initial anticipation. Someone wise (Read: Pinterest) once said, fear is nothing but the anticipation of pain. So, if you can calm those nerves (a shot of vodka, a friendly squeeze of encouragement from your favourite girl friend or a painkiller) go for it! Sure, it might not actually help with the pain, but if you believe it does then that’s what counts.

The silver lining
In our experience, what is particularly an advantage in this form of hair removal is timing. Fifteen minutes. Tops. When you go to the parlour, let your waxing lady know that it’s your first time (if she hasn’t already figured that out from the incessant nervous sweating) more likely than not, she’ll be sensitive and smart about it. She’ll try to get the job done as soon as possible, she’ll provide you with just the right amount of distraction to take your mind… elsewhere, and she’ll apply some pressure using her hands right after the yank which surprisingly really does help.

Post-wax rituals
Of course, caring for yourself post the wax is crucial. Make sure you bathe in cool water for at least 24 hours post your wax; try not to sweat down there and don’t wear tight clothes. This will make sure you stay clear of bumps and in-growths and keep your follicles clean. If you must, you can use a gentle cream to soothe skin.

The verdict
It hurts and it’s uncomfortable. Period. But if you have it in you, we’d recommend you give it a shot. Once you’re done with fifteen minutes of this fresh, new hell, you have privates that are all about dreamy softness. Unlike a painless shave, you don’t have to worry about unruly peepers for over a month (4-6 weeks) and your next wax should be significantly less painful. Additionally, shaving is like getting a hair-cut and only leads to an even thicker hair-growth. With waxing, you’re yanking the little guys right out and so the next time round they’re a whole lot finer and easier to handle.

Are you set to make the plunge? Tell us in the comments section below!