6 Diy Home Hacks To Rejuvenate Tired Eyes

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedSep 16, 2023
6 DIY home hacks to rejuvenate tired eyes
Nothing spells exertion like puffy, tired eyes. The reasons could be many—it  could be the Netflix binge, lack of sleep, stress or just long work hours. Whatever the reason, no amount of makeup can save the day when your eyes are a dead giveaway.

Here are some DIY home hacks to perk up your peepers.

So spoon

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Take a spoon and leave it in the freezer for about ten-fifteen minutes. Now, place the hollow side of that chilled spoon onto your eyes to relieve puffiness. This chilled spoon will immediately soothe tired eyes—the cold temperature will tighten the skin around your eyes and also contract the blood vessels to reduce puffiness.


Ice ice baby

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Ice cubes work as a cold compress to relieve swollen, puffy eyes. All you need to do is wrap the ice cubes in a cotton cloth and gently dab it onto your eyes. Repeat this for not more than a minute to make sure it works on subsiding the swelling and puffiness.


Milk it

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Milk is packed to the brim with calcium, proteins, amino acids, lactic acids and more. How about you incorporate it to benefit the skin around your eyes? Just soak a couple of cotton swabs in milk and refrigerate them for 20 minutes. Then,  place them onto your eyes and let them sit for another 15 minutes. The cold milk will not only reduce puffiness momentarily but also lighten dark circles and repair under eye bags.


Cucumber cool

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Chilled cucumber is a combination of a coolant, a dose of vitamin C and caffeic acid all of which together help soothe skin, reduce puffiness and even help with dark circles. So ladies, go ahead, place chilled cucumber slices on your eyes for ten minutes and allow your eyes to take that much needed break.


Tea bags for undereye bags

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Tea contains antioxidants and natural tannins that help reduce puffiness from the eyes almost instantly! All you need to do is take two soaked tea bags and toss them in the freezer. Use these chilled tea bags on your eyes for ten minutes and you will find that your eyes will look and feel fresh and rejuvenated.


All almond

All almond

Almond oil is rich in Vitamin K, has anti-inflammatory properties and is obviously a natural emollient—all of which make it great for your eyes. Gently massage almond oil onto the delicate skin under your eyes and on the lids to keep the skin well-moisturized and puffiness at bay.

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