How To Get Your Eyebrows On Fleek: A Beginner’s Guide

Written by Khadijah EbrahimSep 16, 2023
How to get your eyebrows on fleek: A beginner’s guide
We’re just going to go out and say it—no matter how much we love stalking our favourite  celebs, Instagram can be cruel. It’s hard not to desperately want to be part of the perfect eyebrow community (it undoubtedly exists) when you’re constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous models flaunting their beautifully-arched brows. This being said, wanting and achieving are two very different things, which is why we’re here to give you tips on how to ace your brow game.

Know when to start and end

Final blending

Just so that you don’t suddenly find that you’ve drawn the tail of your brow to your mid-eye, you need to have a rough guide about where they should start and finish. Your nostrils are a good way to determine this—align your eyebrow pencil with your nostrils to find where you should begin drawing. Similarly, to see where they should end, place the pencil at a 45˚ angle from your nostril to the outer bit of your eye. If you extend this line, you’ll find the point where your brows should end.
Brush out with a spoolie
If you don’t want your pencil strokes to look like you’ve been scribbled on by a four-year-old, brush out your brows with a spoolie before applying any colour. This way, you’ll have a clear direction to draw out your strokes and will also be able to identify any sparse spots or uneven patches.
Forming the framework
If you were the kid who would always have trouble colouring inside the lines, stay on the safe side and start by drawing a line directly underneath the entire brow—this gives you a great framework to fill it in. Try to follow the natural shape of your brow when doing this and always blend the line out with a spoolie afterwards so that so that it doesn’t look obviously drawn out.


Fill in

Final blending

Make sure to use gentle flicking motions to apply the colour instead of drawing longer straight lines. This allows you to mimic the feather-like hairs on your brows, giving you a more natural look. Start light—you can always add more colour to darken your brows if need be but going in with a heavy hand is risky as you increase the chances of your brows looking like they’ve been blackened with soot. We suggest you go for the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eyebrow Artist that that will give you a natural look. It's also long-lasting and smudge-proof, so that you're good to go throughout the day.
Art of the arch
So that no one can say that you vaguely remind them of the Grinch who stole Christmas, make sure that your arch is realistic. To do this, align your brow pencil diagonally to the centre of your eye and extend this line to your eyebrow to find exactly where you should create your arch.
Make sure the colour is even
A patchy eyebrow will immediately lower your chances of getting into that perfect eyebrow club. So, once you’ve identified any sparse areas, use a bit more of that brow pencil just to even the colour out.


Final blending

Final blending

We’re back with the spoolie again—just to check for the millionth time (yes, it’s that important) that there are no harsh lines. Use it to buff out all of the colour to make sure that it transitions better into your actual brow.
Set and enhance
To prevent looking like you’ve attempted to do the wiggly eyebrow trend (extremely poorly), use some brow mascara or coloured gel to set your brows and fix their shape. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can frame your brows with a translucent powder to make them more defined.

It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to get up that extra 10 minutes early to get your brows perfect. If you’re looking for a way to make it a bit easier for you, threading regularly is a great way to keep those stubborn hairs in check. Just book a monthly appointment with your local salon—trust us, your brows will thank you for it.

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