We've all heard the age-old legend of how water is the giver of life. This natural potion hydrates and replenishes the system. It also helps balance the skin, which is necessary for every skin type. Whether you have a dry complexion or an oily skin tone, skin hydration is important for all skin types.

The right water-based moisturiser

So if you're looking for the right way to get lush, hydrated skin, a water-based moisturiser will do the trick. That's why we trust the Lakmé Skin Gloss Gel Crème. As it is enriched with mineral-laden glacial water, the lightweight gel textured cream lends a light lustre to your skin while thoroughly moisturising it from the inside. If you're looking for more reasons to opt for a water-based moisturiser, we've got three to convince you.

Why water-based

For one, since a water-based moisturiser constitutes of a high amount of water, it is incredibly lightweight in texture when applied on the skin. This makes absorption quick, which will leave your skin feeling hydrated and oil-free within minutes. Secondly, with water being its primary ingredient, it is suitable even for sensitive skin.

The right choice for your skin

Water doesn't bind easily to the skin, this implies that this product, like many others doesn't clog pores. Finally, as it is created from the very substance that is touted to be the elixir of life, you can only imagine the amount of hydration and nourishment this kind of a moisturiser can offer your skin.

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