We can’t stop stressing on the fact that your feet need some extra love during the monsoons. After all, the contaminated rain water and exposure to damp weather can cause smelly feet, fungal infections and other kinds of problems. If you want to save your feet from infections this season, exfoliating them regularly will be a great idea. Exfoliation ensures that your foot is free of all the dead cells and impurities that settle in due to the moist weather. Here are 3 super ways in which you can exfoliate your feet. Take a look.

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Coffee foot scrub

Not many know that coffee contains compounds that can help in cleansing and lightening. The harmful UV rays penetrate the clouds and cause our feet to get tanned during the monsoons. Moreover, all the walking around in mucky water can cause our feet to get unusually tired and dirty. This is when you must make use of coffee as a relaxant for your feet. Take equal amounts of ground coffee, sea salt, corn meal and mix them well. Add 5-10 drops of almond oil to this mix. Stir to form a paste and massage on feet. This mixture takes care of all the exfoliation your feet needs.

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The tea bag treatment

Immerse a few fresh tea bags in lukewarm water and add a drop of any antiseptic liquid. Dip your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes.  Tea contains tannic acid, which has the power to eradicate germs, seal open pores and fight foot odour that is a common problem during the monsoons.

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Milk soak

Blend a cup of milk and one dollop of shampoo in lukewarm water and immerse your feet in this for 30 minutes. The shampoo will soften your skin and keep it hydrated while the lactic acid in the milk will not only make your feet supple but also get rid of dead skin cells. So the next time you feel your feet have been through lot of stress wading through the rain water, give your feet some care by way of the milk and shampoo soak.