Fruits have always been the answer to many of our problems. Sugar craving? Go on a fruit diet. Mid-morning hunger? Grab a fruit. Trying a healthy new lifestyle? Get on a fruit diet plan. So when it comes to giving our skin a refreshing burst, we turn to fruit. And why wouldn’t we? Being a source of ample nutrition, it’s no wonder that fruits are a trusted treasure in the world of skincare as well.

lakmé blush glow range for healthy skin

When it comes to making the most of this bounty of nature for our skin, there’s nothing quite like the brand new Lakmé Blush and Glow Range of face washes. Made from extracts of sumptuous strawberries and juicy peaches, consider this the antioxidant-rich refresher your parched skin is longing for! When applied, the beads within the formula burst on your skin to lend it a gentle tinge of colour. Who could say no to that?

latest tips of shraddha kapoor for glowy skin

We’re not the only ones that are drawn to fruity goodness this season because Bollywood superstar and Lakmé brand ambassador, Shraddha Kapoor’s diet favours fruit too, except that it’s for her skin! Shraddha says, “As an actress, my long filming hours and exposure to harsh elements can take a toll on my skin. I have noticed that my skin looks dull and dehydrated. And that’s why I’ve taken up this amazing diet of strawberries and peaches to bring back my natural blush and glow. Using a daily cleanser that is rich in strawberry extracts gives an instant glow to my face while the peach enhanced face wash gives my skin an immediate moisture boost.”

tips for glowing skin

An invigorating splash of strawberries and peaches is all Shraddha needs to wake up to naturally glowing skin. This season, trust the power of fruits to give your skin the best cleanse it could ask for and a tinge of blush along with it too!

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