5 Beauty Essentials Your Skin Needs This October

Written by Dayle PereiraMar 23, 2017
5 beauty essentials your skin needs this October
The weather is often quoted as most unpredictable and the month of October is evidence of the same. The erratic month can prove to be hot, dry and humid all at the same time, which can be a downer for our beauty routine. That’s why we’ve got a list of all the beauty ammunition and a few skin care tips to keep handy to get through this month with ease.

Cool Down

Care for your skin

When the temperature is heating up, give your skin an icy cool dose with the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum. Enriched with Mineral Laden Glacial Water, this serum will infuse your skin with moisture and leave it with a gleam. Take that, October heat!


Choose multi-purpose products

Care for your skin

Don’t waste time with a host of products when you can have just one do it for you. Allow the Lakmé CC Transform Cream to work its magic; with its SPF 30 PA++ and colour changing beads, it will protect and brighten your skin while transforming its colour to provide a natural coverage.


Calm it down

Care for your skin

When the October breeze makes the frizz in your hair act up, it’s time to tame it with the TRESemmé Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner. Made with Climate Control Complex, this advanced hair care system will banishes frizz with ease while making the hair manageable as ever.


Pucker up

Care for your skin

Your lips need extra care in this blow hot, blow cold month so pamper them with the Lakmé Lip Love Lip Care. Containing SPF 15 and a creamy core in a number of flavours, expect moisturised puckers with a hint of colour.


Care for your skin

Care for your skin

In the midst of caring for your face, don’t leave the rest of your skin behind. Treat it well with the Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion. Combining micro-droplets of jelly with the calming power of Aloe, this lotion will nourish and soothe skin well so that the dreary month of October will have no hold on your skin.

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