5 Bloggers Tell Us The Monsoon Skin Care Ritual They Never Skip

Written by Dayle PereiraDec 17, 2018
5 bloggers tell us the monsoon skin care ritual they never skip
If you thought the sticky monsoon heat and humidity was harsh on us—people sitting in air conditioned offices in front of our machines—we can’t possibly imagine how tough it must be on people who are always on the move. Take the instance of bloggers who are constantly shuttling between multiple events, meet-ups and photo shoots! Given that through it all, flawless, glowing skin is a pre-requisite, how do they manage? The answer is a non-negotiable skin care ritual that’s never let them down!
To get the real scoop, we reached out to a few of the country’s top bloggers to share with us their one skin care ritual they never skip during the monsoon...

Aanam Chashmawala, What When Wear

Karishma Rawat, Gingersnaps

“Moisture is my skin’s best friend in the monsoon. So I make it a point to keep my body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and moisturising my skin twice a day.”

Karishma Rawat, Gingersnaps

“Especially in the monsoons, I start my day with a glass of warm water and lime. I also include multi-vitamins in my diet like biotin to keep my skin healthy from within.”


Roxanne D’souza, Head2Heels

Karishma Rawat, Gingersnaps

“I make sure to gently exfoliate my skin on a weekly basis to get rid of grime and dirt. I then seal my pores with a rose or honey based toner.”


Anushka Mulchandani, Pocket Stylist

Karishma Rawat, Gingersnaps

“Rain or shine, I never leave home without BB cream. Thanks to its SPF content, I don’t need to worry about sun damage even when I’m outdoors all day.”


Karishma Rawat, Gingersnaps

Karishma Rawat, Gingersnaps

“Since I’m fond of home remedies, I use a daily face pack of besan, lemon and honey during the monsoon to keep my skin bright and radiant naturally!”

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