All About Glycolic Acid Peels

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 03, 2018
Dermatologists are like skin Gods, aren’t they? When skin woes hit the roof, we queue up at their clinics as our last resort. If you’ve been there, done that for reasons such as acne, spots or large pores, there are chances that your dermat has suggested ‘glycolic peels’ as a part of your treatment. You’ve often been thrown off by such terms but have you ever wondered what this process actually is? Worry not, as we’re telling you what a glycolic acid peel is and why it is considered an effective wrinkle treatment and acne healer...

What are glycolic acid peels?

How do they help?

Glycolic acid peels are nothing but chemical peels that contain glycolic acid. What is glycolic acid then, you wonder? Well, it is a fruit acid—a kind of Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugarcane.


How do they work?

How do they help?

Glycolic acid peels target the epidermis—the topmost layer of your skin. They gently removes the top layer of the skin revealing a visibly clearer look.

Before beginning the treatment, your dermatologist will assess your skin thoroughly and then decide the course of the treatment. Once the plan of action is mapped out, the dermat will start the process by applying a light layer of the peel on your face and leave it for a certain period of time before cleaning it out.

It is important to note that the first two times, the aesthetician will use a lower percentage of glycolic acid so that your skin can develop a tolerance towards it. After that he/she will increase the percentage in the consecutive sittings.


How do they help?

How do they help?

If reports are anything to by, glycolic acid peels help heal acne-prone skin. They target specific areas of your skin and remove layers that contain acne-causing bacteria and dead cells thereby reducing pimples. They also serve as exfoliators and shrink pores. Since they have additional benefits as anti-ageing agents, the peels strengthen deep layers of your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But you should know that glycolic acid peels can make your skin rather sensitive to the sun and can also cause side-effects in some and hence, it is always advisable to consult a dermat in detail before going in for treatment like this.

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