Even on a hot October afternoon, Amy Jackson looks picture perfect as she steps on stage. We’re at the launch of the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash, for which gorgeous Amy is the brand ambassador. With a number of accomplishments under her belt, she’s at ease right from the start.

ponds pimple clear face wash

As we sit down with the lady of the moment herself, she gushes about knowing and using Pond’s right from her teen years abroad. The new Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash is an absolute breakthrough in the world of face cleansing. Created with an Active Thymo-T Formula, it helps to clear pimples in 3 days for smooth skin, something Amy vouches for.

Here are outtakes from our chat…

BB – On extremely hectic days which are full of shoots and activities, how do you manage to care for your skin?

Amy Jackson – Because I’m in a full face of makeup from day to night, I make sure to remove my makeup thoroughly. Use a good makeup remover and get in there to clean up everything, even waterproof mascara. I then follow this up with a good face wash.

BB – When a hunger pang strikes, what is it that you crave the most?

Amy Jackson – Chocolate! In fact, I’m craving some of it right now!

BB – What is one TV show that you are hooked to?

Amy Jackson – Game of Thrones. I’m counting down the days until the next season starts – I can barely wait!

ponds pimple clear face wash (2)

BB – What is your go-to skincare regime?

Amy Jackson – My regime isn’t fancy at all because with my hectic lifestyle, I’d hate to spend hours cleaning up after a shoot. I start with a really good face wash – the Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash is my favourite. Since it keeps pimples at bay, I never have to stress about that. I follow it with a light, organic moisturiser which will allow my skin to breathe and prevent clogging. When I’m travelling, I add in a hydration mask too.

BB – Are you a tea or a coffee girl?

Amy Jackson – Coffee! On a long day like this one, an espresso or 5 have helped me survived.

BB – If you had to choose between girly or edgy, what’s your choice?

Amy Jackson – I’d have to say a bit of both, but a little more on the girly side.

BB – What is one makeup crime that you would never commit?

Amy Jackson – Well, I’ve got a pet peeve. It looks awful when foundation is left on the lips!

skincare tips from  amy jackson

BB – Imagine you were heading out and you find yourself with a pimple! What would be your last minute zit fix?

Amy Jackson – I’ve been told at the Pond’s Institute never to squeeze a zit because it spreads germs and takes ages to go away. Instead, I would distract from the pimple by putting on eyeliner or a red lip to shift focus.

BB – What is one product that you must have in your bag?

Amy Jackson – For me, it’s a good lip balm. Whether I’m travelling on the plane or in different temperatures, it keeps my lips lush all the time.

BB – When you aren’t shooting or travelling, what would you be doing?

Amy Jackson – You’d find me chilling with my girls or just relaxing and taking in nature.

BB – If you had to choose only one feature to accentuate either eyes or lips, what would it be?

Amy Jackson – The eyes are the key to the soul hence I’d choose the eyes for sure.