Nothing worries us as much as dull looking skin. Well, you can come up with a list of complaints against your skin but have you asked yourself if you’re treating it right for it to look glowing and rejuvenated every day? Here’s a checklist to getting refreshed and renewed skin, ladies. Read on..

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Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

One of the main reasons your skin has been looking lifeless could be because the cleansing process has stripped off all the moisture and necessary nutrients from your skin. To fight this, you need the Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash, which is enriched with NutriumMoisture™ that gives the skin its moisture levels back and nourishes it thereby lending you the glow your skin was missing out on. Gorgeous skin, here we come!

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Lakmé Clean Up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub

No matter how many makeup products you use, your skin always ends up looking dull. The solution to this is exfoliation! Your genie needs to be the Lakmé Clean Up Fresh Fairness Face Scrub that removes dead skin that is trapped for ages. Moreover, if you’ve been suffering from excessively oily skin, this should be your best product. This one’s enriched with Vitabeads, walnuts and apricot extracts that remove excess oil, unclog pores, fight blackheads giving you baby soft, renewed skin.

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Fruit peel

Nothing lends a better glow to your face than a fruit peel. Do it the natural way by making it with fresh fruits. You need 1/2 cup pineapple pulp, 1/4th cup papaya pulp,1/2 tablespoon honey. Mix all these and then apply it to your face and neck. Pineapple has the goodness of Vitamin C and helps the skin get its youthful glow back while papaya removes dead skin cells and honey lends the skin lasting hydration.

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While these products and natural remedies will surely help you rejuvenate your skin, what will internally heal your skin is yoga. This form of exercise helps improve digestion and circulation. This means your body has better blood flow, which will have a positive impact on your skin. Poses like the shoulder stand, child’s pose and fish pose stimulate blood flow and hence, help your skin feel fresh and beautiful.