Bb Picks—Our Beauty Editor Reviews Citra’s New Skin Care Range

Written by Dayle PereiraJul 12, 2017
BB PICKS—Our beauty editor reviews Citra’s  new skin care range
In a tropical country like ours, caring for one’s skin is a delicate task that calls for a fine balance of nature, science and age-old wisdom. If not, even a multitude of beauty products will never be able to combat skin troubles like oiliness, sudden pimples and dullness. When the summer proved to be too rough on my skin and nothing else seemed to give it that healthy glow, I got my hands on Citra, a new entrant in the skincare market that was loaded with unique ingredients I had never tried before!
In the midst of shelves full of bottles and tubes, this brand that celebrates nature’s bounty felt like a breath of fresh air.

With a heritage of over 33 years, Citra made its mark in Asia’s bustling skin care sphere as a brand that heralds Mother Nature’s best kept beauty secrets. With its potent formulas and carefully cultivated ingredients, Citra went on to cement its place as a frontrunner in the world of nature based skin care. Today, as it makes a foray into the Indian market, Citra’s available in 2 ranges that are enriched with the power of Korean Akoya Pearl and Japanese Green Tea.

citra pearl fair gel face wash

It was no surprise that I gave in to the green tea craze and added the Citra Pimple-Clear Face Wash and Spot-less Fair Face Cream to my skin care routine. In both variants, the face wash comes in a simple squeezable tube while the face cream, in a tube with a handy pump.

Priced at र75 for 50 gms and र140 for 100 gms, the face wash lathered well and left a sweet, herbal scent. Turns out green tea detoxes the body as well as the skin, thus assisting in getting rid of blemishes and preventing them from cropping up in the future.

However, even when pimples do make their exit, the marks they leave behind can be rather disheartening. For a couple of stubborn pimple marks that just didn’t want to bid me goodbye, I turned to the Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream which is available at र99 for 30 gms and र199 for 50 gms. Post face cleansing, a pump or two of this lightweight cream is enough to give your skin a visible radiance. Apart from revitalised skin, its anti-oxidant properties are strong enough to fight dark spots.

After religiously applying it for a few weeks, I noticed that the dark patches on my face, which had previously refused to budge, were visibly lighter. It’s safe to say that I’m not letting go of this face cream any time soon!

citra pearl fair gel face wash

I was quite excited about exploring the other range, the Citra Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash and Pearl Fair Face Cream too! Since the onslaught of summer had left my face dark and dull, I couldn’t wait to jump right in (even if it was due to sheer desperation) and check if it could actually make a difference.

The gentle gel texture of the Pearl Fair Gel Face Wash, which is priced at र85 for 50 gms and र160 for 100 gms, left my face feeling fresh and smelling delightful. After just a few washes, Korea’s best kept skincare secret, the prized Akoya Pink Pearl was already working its magic on my skin. Soon enough, I was already seeing fresher, more radiant skin after washing my face!

That was all the encouragement I needed to add the Citra Pearl Fair Face Cream to my skincare regime. This face cream is available at 2 price points—र99 for 30 gms and र199 for 50 gms. A single pump of this potent cream blends easily into the skin and is absorbed quickly, making your face appear brighter, even-toned and most importantly, one that has a matte finish. Even though the harsh sun left quite a trace on my skin this summer, this face cream drove away the dullness as if it never even existed and left my skin glowing.

So long as I’ve got the Citra Japanese Green Tea and Korean Akoya Pearl ranges by my side this season, I know that bright, glowing skin is a just one step away!

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