We’re not here to force the likes of ubtans and multani mitti down your wedding hampers as you prep for the big day. Instead we’re all about embracing the modern bride in all her relaxation—because let’s face it—crazy stress, last-minute madness and nit-picking at every detail is going to get you nowhere and certainly isn’t going to go down too well with your skin. So instead of taking the hyped up route, we suggest you relax, take it easy and enjoy your glossy days of singledom before you tie the knot. Here’s showing you exactly how:

unconventional way to get ready for wedding day cocktails 430x500

Cocktails with the girls

With D-Day soon approaching the first thing you need to do is make good use of all the time you have right now to catch up with the girls—and there’s no catch-up quite without cocktails and you’ll certainly be needing it! Ask the bar attender to whip you a sweet delight using fresh fruit juice so it’s still healthy. Kinda. Trust us that little bit of sheer happiness—will leave you in glowing.

unconventional way to get ready for d day couple massage 430x550

Couples Massage is the key

All that talk about staying away from your husband-to-be is utter nonsense. In fact, the lack of communication is what always causes problems on the big day, so find some time to relax with your sweetheart and a couples massage will do that while putting you both in a fabulous, calm mode of zen—after which you can catch some lunch and talk about all the things that are driving you crazy. You’ll finish off with a clear idea in terms of what needs to be done, forget all the other insignificant nuances, and your skin will be left absolutely glowing.

unconventional way to get ready for d day yoga 430x550

Catch some me-time with a relaxing asana

With family and relatives flying in from every part of the country—me-time is an all-time necessity. Go up to the terrace of your building or the nearest jogger’s part and breathe. The second you stop breathing, you stop thinking. Practice the yoga asana that instantly puts your to ease, stretch out those tense muscles and breathe. You don’t need us to tell you that, that is what is going to make the next couple of days a breeze and clear out any blemish on your skin.

unconventional way to get ready for wedding day watch tv 430x550

K3G is on—and it’s time you embrace it with the better half

It might be K3G for us and The Devil Wears Prada for you—whatever your movie is, you know, the one that leaves you calm, happy and ready to cuddle—put it on and enjoy some regular time with your boo. It’s the little things that matter and it’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.

unconventional way to get ready for d day lakme serum 430x550

Skin Serum to ensure you stay glossy and flossy

Before you get all stressed about getting some actual product on your skin—we say calm down, because the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum will take care of all your woes. This season, the trend is gloss—so to get that natural sheen we’re recommending you give your skin that glossy surge with this cracker of a product.

unconventional way to get ready for d day detox beets 430x550

Detox with Beets!

And finally, detox! Give the fried foods a miss and replenish your system with the goodness of beetroot. This magnetic veggie is so good for your skin, it’s unbelievable. Slice it in salads, make a puree out of it, and if you’re like us—you’ll grind it in your smoothies. Luscious, pink and perfect for your skin—this is the ingredient you need with you on your countdown to the mandap.