We totally understand if you’ve been confused trying to know the difference between BB and CC creams, given the fact that the beauty world keeps surprising us with new products every now and then. While we certainly have no complaints about that, it’s imperative to know how to distinguish one from the other. Here’s all about bb cream vs cc cream. 

bb cream vs cc cream

What is BB cream?  

These creams are almost like tinted moisturisers. They smoothen out your skin and have the power to protect it from the harsh sunrays giving your skin a luminous finish. They work as a moisturiser and a foundation and ensures that your makeup doesn’t look cakey and is long-lasting. 

bb cream vs cc cream woman Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream

BB stands for Beauty Balm/Blemish Balm  

Blemish balm or beauty balm has been around for long but it only became popular a few years ago with the widespread popularity of South Korea’s K-Beauty explosion. As the name suggests one of the basic features of a BB cream is to not just to cover the appearance of blemishes and age spots but also heal them. BB creams also contain SPF and other skin-benefiting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. They give a natural coverage, are light on the skin and even out skin tone for a flawless look. These creams are closer to a tinted moisturizer but go beyond that by offering makeup base benefits. If you have sensitive skin or expect your daily cream to offer more than just coverage, the Ponds White Beauty BB+ Cream is for you. It hides imperfections, brightens skin and gives even looking skin tone with a natural finish. 

How to use a BB cream? 

Now that you have BB cream in place, we’re sure you’re itching to use it. Here’s a step-by-step process of using it: 

  • Prep your skin as you’d usually do and follow the skincare steps you do before applying makeup. 

  • Take some BB cream, work the product on your face using your fingers, and massage it into your skin. 

  • Apply foundation for more coverage if needed, and use concealer for problem areas. 

What is CC cream?  

If you have uneven and patchy skin, you can easily rely on a CC cream. Besides correcting your skin, it doubles up as a concealer to hide any redness. 

bb cream vs cc cream woman Lakme Complexion Care Face CC Cream

CC stands for colour correction/complexion care  

Colour correcting or colour control creams even out skin tone by addressing skin issues such as redness and sallowness. CC creams contain similar properties as BB creams but offer better coverage. This cream is your one-stop-shop for colour-correcting concealer and foundation with added benefits of solving skin problems and offering sun protection. If you have acne-prone skin or redness opting for the Lakme Complexion Care Face CC Cream would address your concerns. Formulated for Indian skin tones, wear this CC cream as your daily moisturiser and get coverage, natural-looking skin and sun protection all in one! 

How to use CC cream?  

With the CC cream in your possession, it’s time to start using it. Here’s how to use CC cream: 

  • Start with cleansing your skin with a good moisturising cleanser. 

  • Squeeze a small amount of the CC cream on your face and use your fingers to dot it all over your face and neck. 

  • Use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend the CC cream into your skin. 

  • Finish off with foundation

The difference between BB and CC Creams 

Here is the Bb cream and cc cream difference. 

CC creams offer a semi-matte and natural finish on the skin while BB creams lend a matte yet dewy and luminous look to your face. The texture of a CC cream is lighter as compared to a BB cream. BB creams finish your look and work as an everyday base. While CC creams are more functional and work to even skin tone and lighten redness. Depending on the coverage you need, you can choose either a BB or a CC cream

bb cream vs cc cream

How to use them 

bb cream vs cc cream Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream Lakmé CC Cream

Before you use a BB or CC cream, make sure you layer your skin with a light moisturizer so your makeup stays in place. Using these creams is as easy as spreading them on your face and neck using your fingertips. If you don’t wish to use your fingers, go for a foundation brush. Our pick is the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream that comes with a powerful mix of vitamin B3, vitamin E and SPF 30. This gives your skin instant coverage and an all-day radiance. If you’re looking for a CC cream, we suggest you rely on the Lakmé CC Cream that comes with an added benefit of SPF 20 and gives you light coverage while protecting your skin from the sun. 

FAQs about BB and CC cream  

Can I use BB and CC cream together?   

Yes, you can definitely use the two creams together. Using both BB cream and CC cream together can help treat discolouration, even out your skin tone, prime it, hydrate it and give a natural finish to the skin. Isn’t that amazing? 

What should I apply after BB cream?   

You can apply foundation or concealer if required, after BB cream. If you feel your face feels very shiny after applying BB cream, use powder after its application. 

Is it okay to use CC cream every day?   

Yes, CC cream is absolutely safe for everyday use.