The tattoo bug has bitten all of us at some point. If it hasn’t, it certainly will after this post!
Many give into funky tattoo designs, others get romantic couple tattoos with partners but there are still others who want tattoos but something that’s more subtle. And that’s exactly why white ink tattoos were born.

white ink tattoo mute design

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the dark markings of tattoos but white ink is quite the opposite. The result is a muted design with a visibly raised impression. While white ink might not be that popular, it’s the perfect choice when you want the satisfaction of a tattoo but also something that’s light and subtle.

white ink tattoo creative designs

Elaborate designs such as sleeves are great for traditional tattoos, but when it comes to white ink, something smaller is always recommended. It’s chicer and also easier to cover if needed.

tips to apply white ink tattoo

With white ink, it’s important to choose a spot on your body that doesn’t get overly exposed to the sun, is even toned and devoid of marks. With white ink being a niche tattooing segment, it’s important to trust a seasoned professional with your tattoo. Post getting inked, it might appear raised and pink so let it heal completely and keep it away from sunlight. Within a few weeks, you’ll be sporting a delicate white ink tattoo!

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