How To Make A Face Pack For Glowing Skin

Written by Kaveri WaghelaFeb 22, 2019

Regardless of the rows of beauty products we own or the treatments we opt for, the answer to most skin care problems lies within nature itself. We’re thinking dadima ke nushkhe, multani mitti, aloe vera potions and the like. If you’ve tried some or all of these remedies and still trying to find an answer to the perennial question of how to get glowing skin without resorting to chemical formulations, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a stepwise guide to making a face pack for glowing skin with everything that’s already available in your kitchen…


What is it?

A natural face mask with potato pulp, lemon juice and yogurt

What do you need?

1 potato, grated
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
3 tablespoons of yogurt

What should you do?

Wash and peel a single medium sized potato.
Grate the entire potato into a smooth pulp. Make sure all the pulp is of an even consistency for the face mask to be applied easily.
Add lemon juice to the pulp.
Finally, add the yogurt.
Combine the ingredients together for them to form a runny paste.


How to apply it

Prior to using this mask, wash your face thoroughly with cold water so that your face is clean. Use your fingertips to apply this face pack all over your face and neck and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply this mask twice weekly at night for visibly glowing skin.

Why does it work?

Potatoes are filled with starch which helps in the healing process of damaged skin cells. They also contain an enzyme called catecholase which helps lighten dark spots. Lemon, which is a natural astringent and brightening agent, works hard to remove dullness. Together with creamy, moisturising yogurt, this face mask is a wonderful home remedy for glowing skin. It will drive away dull, tired skin cells and leave your face radiant and healthy.

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