Since not everyone is comfortable dancing on the streets to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri marks the official start of the festive season. Knowing that most of us are closet dandiya and garba aficionados, here’s a quick beauty and skincare guide that’ll see you through those nine glorious nights of dancing...

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Watch out for those eye bags
If you’re one of those over enthusiastic ladies who’s going to be attending more than just one Navratri ‘dandiya raas,’ beware of those nasty dark circles and puffy eyes that’ll grip you after just one late night. The usual suggestion is to get at least eight hours of rest, but if you’ve got to be at college or work the next day, we suggest some quick home remedies such as a freezer cooled spoon or cold tea bags placed on your eyes for an instant facelift.

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Opt for waterproof makeup
Seeing as how Navratri will fall at a rather humid time of the year, it’s safest for you to replace your regular-wear makeup with waterproof makeup. Switch your liquid liner for a pencil or waterproof liner, your regular mascara with transparent mascara (that gives you the same effect.)Obviously, if you’re really going to be enjoying yourself, you shouldn’t let those beads of sweat wreak havoc with your makeup. Bleeding eye makeup is the last thing you want to be dealing with on a super fun night.

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Go easy on the foundation
Your makeup essentially depends on your involvement in Navratri. Are you going to be a bystander making just a few moves, or are you going to be the queen bee of your garba party? If you’re more likely to be the latter, take it easy on your foundation and concealer and go with the old-school staple – a fantastic compact – that won’t look all goopy when you break into a sweat.

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Before you go bare backed
If there is a relatively ‘acceptable time’ (if we can even call it that) for young women to belt out those backless cholis, Navratri would be it. While it’s perfectly ok to get your back waxed ahead of time for your big Navratri night, ensure that it’s done well in advance so that, in the case where you do get a rash, you aren’t left hunting for a cover-up before you head out. The other thing you need to remember is, if you don’t usually get your back waxed, chances are that your hair might grow back a lot thicker and longer, making waxing a must.

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Treat your tresses
If we were to speak honestly, the nine days of Navratri might as well be called a dance workout, and we've already told you about what sweat can do to your hair. Ensure that you wash your hair and your scalp once you get back home to keep your scalp clean and prevent the growth of bacteria and dandruff. At the end of your valiant festive exploits (dancing, we mean), you can also check yourself in for a hot oil massage.

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Since the October heat will still be waning away, tank up on all the liquids you can get – we mean water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices and the like. The late nights, early mornings and too many dance moves will mean your body needs to be hydrated a lot more than usual. A safe measure is to up your regular intake by a litre or a litre and a half to ensure that the dehydration doesn’t show on your skin or take a toll on your body.