While there can never really be any way to get your skin ready for a particular season, nothing can stop you from trying. Especially if the summer has been overtly cruel to you, as it has with us, you can’t help but be more cautious about prepping for the monsoon. Here’s why we’re relying on the new Pond's White Beauty™ Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam to get our skin rain ready…
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The leftovers of summer
Your skin is the most sensitive and susceptible to infections during the summer. You can only try and imagine what the combination of sunscreen, moisturiser, sweat and external dirt, grime and pollution can do to your skin. That’s why experts often recommend frequent skin clean-ups and treatments more often during these months.

Exfoliation and other necessities
You’re barely done dealing with the remnants of summer skin and here comes the monsoon bringing with it a whole other gamut of issues. Before you step out into the rain,get your hands on the new Pond's White Beauty™ Facial Foam that helps to deeply exfoliate your skin and get rid of the unnecessary dead skin cells that have been lurking on the surface. The longer you put off the cleansing, the more your skin becomes a breeding ground for acne and bacteria.

Pro-Vitamin B3 Benefits
The Pond's White Beauty™ Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam is enriched with
Pro-vitamin B3, a powerful ingredient that delivers brighter, radiant skin. It increases the production of fatty acids and ceramides, both of are ingredients in the outer, protective layer of your skin. It also helps to prevent the transfer of pigments to the skin cells, thus helping to minimise dark spots and restore your skin’s natural fairness.