An ideal afternoon involves a soothing cup of tea, a good book and putting our feet up. So you might be surprised to know that one of these essentials, the delightful cuppa, has many more advantages than just to soothe your taste buds. During the humid season, tea can be highly beneficial to your beauty routine that’s why these beauty tips will help you find out how to use them…

Green tea to soothe the skin

Being a popular beverage of choice, it’s no wonder that many rely on their daily cup of green tea to get them through the day. Being high in antioxidants and enzymes, it is all you need to soothe and tone your skin.

green tea



What you need1 green tea bag

1 tablespoon of honey

Few drops of coconut oil

1 tablespoon of granulated brown sugar

How to make it

Tear open a green tea bag and empty the contents into the bowl. Add the brown sugar to the bowl. Then add the honey and coconut oil into the bowl to create a thick paste. Apply the paste all over your face, scrubbing your face in circular motions while applying it. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

How does it help?

The antibacterial and moisturising properties of honey, coconut oil and brown sugar help provide a gentle exfoliating process.

Chamomile tea for acne

Due to the sticky climate, you might find pimples and discoloration appearing on your face. Chamomile is anti-septic and anti-inflammatory in nature therefore, it disinfects pimples and the bacteria to speed up the healing process.



chamomile tea



What you need1 chamomile tea bag

1 cup of water

1 soft towel

How to use it

Put a cup of water on the stove and once it reaches boiling point, place the chamomile tea bag in the water. Leave it to bubble for a few minutes, then turn off the stove and allow the water to cool. Use the chamomile tea bag as a compress to gently press over your face on acne affected areas. Once the water is warm, soak a soft towel in it and place it completely over your face. Lie down and leave it for 15 minutes. Then use the remaining chamomile water to rinse your face. Finish off by washing your face with cold water.

Peppermint tea for under eyes

If you are battling puffy eyes and dark under eyes this season, this tea is all you need. Peppermint contains anti-irritants, which helps soothe inflammation. It also promotes blood circulation to keep away dark circles.



peppermint tea



What you need2 peppermint tea bags

1 cup of boiling water

How to use it

Steep both the peppermint tea bags in boiling water to activate the ingredients. Then remove it and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Lie down and place the chilled tea bags over your closed eyelids and under eye area for 15 minutes.

Lavender tea for tired feet

After flaunting your feet in sandals, you’ll find that your feet have gotten fatigued and tired. Aromatic lavender has medicinal properties that aid in relaxation and combats stress and allergies.



lavender tea



What you need2 lavender tea bags

A bowl of water

Lavender essential oil

How to use it

Open the lavender tea bags and empty the contents into a basin of water. Place a seperate bowl of water on the stove and once it reaches boiling point, remove it from the heat. Pour it into the large basin which contains the lavender tea. Then add the lavender essential oil to it and mix with a small quantity of cold water for it to be lukewarm. Soak your feet in the basin and before you know it, your troubles will melt away!

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