Even if you have clear skin and lush tresses, your beauty look can fall flat if you have chapped, dark lips. Unfortunately, it’s true. A healthy pout has the power to uplift your whole appearance so it’s no wonder women all over the world are going crazy about getting plump, pert puckers. If you too are wondering about how to get pink lips and remedy your dull, dark ones, we’ve got the answers. Read on to know more about how this occurs and the most essential and effective tips for pink lips you need to follow…

Why does it occur?

Firstly, the skin on your lips is fairly thin. This means it needs to be treated more delicately than you would the rest of your face.
Secondly, unlike your face, it does not have its own oil glands. So, regardless of the skin on your face, it is possible for your lips to get dry and chapped. Due to this, your lips will always need an external moisturiser.

sun rays damaging lips

Thirdly, changes in climate can also affect lips to a great extent. Even on a daily basis, the rays of the sun can dry out the lips and cause pigmentation.

how water loss in lips occurs

Fourth, the loss of water in the lips is comparatively greater than the loss in the rest of the body. Contrary to popular belief, if you feel like licking your lips is making them moister, you’re mistaken. In fact, licking your lips causes further water evaporation and makes the lip dark.

How do you treat it?

how lip balm restores moisture in the lips

Start by exfoliating your lips.
Then follow this step by using a good lip balm, something that’s a basic when it comes to getting pink lips naturally. When searching for a lip balm, ensure that the one you select moisturises your puckers. Make sure that it has adequate SPF and a hint of colour as well. Keep your lip balm handy with you at all times and reapply it regularly, even before you go to bed.

lakme lip love

The solution to get natural pink lips is the Lakmé Lip Love lip balm. Unlike any other, this dual layered lip balm moisturises the lips well while its SPF 15 content protects against sun damage. In addition to that, it is available in a wide variety of flavours and is perfect to add a tint of colour to your lips. Don’t forget to slip it into your handbag wherever you go!