5 ways to prevent your skin from breaking out on your wedding day

Written by Fatema HabibFeb 03, 2020

Skin breakouts are a bride’s biggest enemy! Prepping for your wedding trousseau is not as much of a stress as is preventing your skin from breaking out on your D-day. And, every bride-to-be will agree!

Skin-related questions like “how to avoid my skin from looking excessively oily”, “how often should I cleanse my face” and “what foods should I avoid” are on every bride’s mind a few days before her wedding. Because who wants to flaunt a not-so-pretty pimple on their most special day? Here’s everything you need to do in order to prevent breakouts on your D-day:

01. Don’t sleep with makeup on

All the wedding prep can leave you tired and exhausted, and all you want to do is hit the sheets once home. But wait… before you snooze, remember to take all that makeup off. Yes, it may sound like a boring task, but it will prevent your skin from breaking out on your wedding day. Keep your face clean and if time permits, then do a double cleanse.

02. Avoid touching your face

If you’re in the habit of touching your face too often all through the day, then take some effort to break this habit before your wedding day. By touching your face, you’re transferring oil and bacteria from your hands to your face which can easily spread to the pores. Resist scratching an itch or picking at a scab as much as you can. Or, simply keep a hand sanitizer around at all times so as to keep your hands clean.

03. Change your towels and sheets

Unclean towels and sheets are your skin’s biggest enemy. You’ll be surprised to know the amount of dirt, bacteria and dead skin accumulated on your towels, bedsheets and pillowcases. Therefore, make sure you use clean towels and change your sheets every alternate day so as to defend against the germs that can cause your skin to breakout.

04. Say no to exfoliation

Exfoliating is a great skincare habit and you must definitely exfoliate at least twice or thrice a week. However, if you’re closer to your D-day, then STOP exfoliating. Yes, you read that right! Scrubs can be harsh, irritate your skin and cause redness and blotchiness. A gentle cleanser and moisturiser can do the trick for you. Use a gentle face wash such as the Simple Kind To Skin Refreshing Facial Wash that will thoroughly wash away impurities and leave your skin clean and fresh.

05. Hide from the sun

The harsh UV rays can cause skin irritation and redness, leading to serious skin damage as well as breakouts. Therefore, avoid stepping out in the sun as much as you can a few days before your wedding. And if you absolutely have to, then wear protective clothing, cover your head and slather enough sunscreen. Doing so will not only protect your skin against acne but also avoid unwanted tan lines.

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