Exploring How To Remove Tan From Your Face With Makeup Hacks

Written by Lopa KApr 06, 2023
Exploring How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

Back from your Goa trip and wondering how to remove tan from face in one day? This summer you may need to stack up on several quick tips to manage your complexion, especially if you love going out. While thankfully we are in an age where the world is about inclusivity and self-love no matter what our skin tone is, a sun tan continues to be our nemesis. If you have fair skin, get ready to sport a sunburn and random redness all over your face. If you have more melanin, then it will just give you dark spots and a patchy complexion. So, let’s take a look at some makeup tips on how you can easily remove and hide your tan to get back your natural and even skin tone. 

How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks: The Basics  

The sun rays can easily tan your skin which is a process of increasing melanin in the exposed areas. Since melanin is responsible for your skin tone, too much of it in certain areas can lead to dark patches aka the sun tan. However, it can easily be removed with the help of exfoliation, de-tanning products and makeup. Well, let’s take a look at how. 

Exploring How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks



FAQs about How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

A concealer is one of the best ways on how to remove tan from face. Since it works as a spot corrector, you need not put it all over your face. A pigmented and opaque concealer like the Lakmé Absolute Mattereal Mousse Concealer can work wonders to hide the tan. It is creamy, making it easy to blend and hide the blemishes and can accurately cover the area you desire. Since it has a lightweight mousse formula, you don’t have to worry about any creasing or a cakey look.  

Instructions on How to Use the Hack  

To get the perfect concealer shade, see that it is one percent lighter than your skin tone. Since it has to correct a dark area, the lighter shade gets balanced out. And a little goes a long way when it comes to concealer so just apply a dot over the area you want to cover. Taking a brush or a beauty blender, just blend out any harsh lines.



FAQs about How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

If you have the perfect shade of foundation, it can easily cover up your tan. But if you need some help, we’ve got you on that front too. The Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation has 20 shades for every type of Indian skin tone so you’re bound to find one that matches. They have a foundation for every undertone and intensity so whether you have light, medium or dark skin tone with a mix of cool, warm or neutral undertones, no need to fret. Some additional brownie points this foundation gets are for the SPF 20 to prevent future tanning and an inbuilt primer to make sure it stays on all day. It is also buildable so you can apply a little or more depending on how tanned your face is. 

Instructions on How to Use the Hack  

If you want light coverage, you can use it like a concealer and dot it only on the tanned areas. If you want a full face, you can take the foundation and dot it all over your face. Then take a brush or a beauty blender and blend it in till you are happy with the finish. That’s it, you’re done!



FAQs about How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

If you don’t feel like going all out on your makeup, you’re in luck because even something as simple and lightweight as a primer can do the job to hide your sun tan. The Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer is a tinted primer that boasts a Photoshop-like blur to give you a smooth and matte texture. But along with hiding your pores and controlling excess oiliness, it can also blur out and cover blemishes and tan to give you an even skin tone.  

Instructions on How to Use the Hack  

Follow through with your usual CTM routine. Once your face is dry, squeeze out a little primer and dab it all over your face. No need for any fancy applicator as you can use your fingers to spread it out.  

Try colour correcting 

Have you seen all those fancy blue, green and purple colour correctors and wondered when they will come in handy? Now’s their time to shine. Colour correctors can neutralise the discolouration to even out the affected area. The same goes for a sun tan and dark spots formed because of it. 

Instructions on How to Use the Hack  

If you have fair skin and get red when you tan, use a green colour corrector. Otherwise, if you get a brown tan, you can use an orange colour corrector to lift the darkness and brighten the area. If you have a medium skin tone and your tan is more orangey, you can use a blue colour corrector to balance out the orange.



FAQs about How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

Apart from makeup, if you are looking for a way on how to remove tan from face naturally, exfoliation is key. Since the scrub uses exfoliant beads or a rough and granular texture, this abrasive movement can help rub out the dead skin cells aka the cells that were tanned. So, the new skin underneath that surface will be of your natural skin colour and untanned. 

Instructions on How to Use the Hack  

You can either buy a facial scrub or make a DIY one at home if you are up for a challenge. One homemade scrub can be a mix of lemon juice, salt and water. Another quick and effective scrub can contain potato juice, brown sugar and almond oil. Oats, honey and coffee powder mix is another good face scrub. All of these scrubs have a granular texture and ingredients that can brighten dark spots. Apply one of these scrubs and gently massage your face for a minute. Then wash off your face with water. You can exfoliate once or twice a week for quick results.


FAQs about How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

FAQs about How to Remove Tan from Your Face with Makeup Hacks

Q1. Does bleaching remove tan? 

Yes, if you use face bleach, it can remove the tan. It lightens the area where you apply it. But make sure not to use it more than once a month. If you want a natural bleaching remedy, you can use lemon. Since it has astringent properties, it can lighten dark patches. Dilute it with water or honey and apply it to your face for 15-20 minutes. You can apply this mix once or twice a week for best results. 

Q2. Does waxing help de-tan? 

aYep. This is another very common and effective remedy if you want to know how to remove tan from face immediately. It not only removes the dead skin cells and the buildup that can leave your skin patchy but also remove the tan. In this process, the top layer of the skin is removed and so the new skin that surfaces is tan-free. But since it can loosen the skin, don’t wax your face too frequently. 

Q3. How many days does a tan last? 

A tan can last up to a week or a little bit more. During this time, the dead skin cells give way to new and untanned skin. Exfoliating your skin can quicken this process. However, if you are out in the sun every single day, then the tan can seem permanent as even the new skin layer will get tanned. 

And that is how to remove tan from face. Apart from the usual de-tanning methods, you can also use your makeup to hide it and even your complexion easily.

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