When has our terrible record at keeping any or most of our resolutions stopped us from making new ones? With 2015 here, all of us at BB have made new skincare and beauty promises we plan on keeping this year. After recently discovering that my morning run was doing wonders for my skin, I’ve committed to running five days a week. It’s a small price to pay to keep both, my body and skin in shape. Over lunch, I asked the rest of the BB team to let me in on their resolutions for 2015. Here’s what all of our editors are pledging to do.

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Jasleen Gupta
I have been fascinated with the Korean beauty regime for a while now and even though the multiple steps – between 7 to 12 – sound indulgent, vain and time consuming, I want to look at it as an investment in my skin for a younger looking tomorrow. So, I’d say that the new year for me is all about adopting a healthy skin lifestyle that actually works. Actually, whatever little I’ve started on the Korean regime front seems to be doing me great favours already, so I intend to be committed to it.

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Faye Remedios
My resolution this year is to follow a proper night-time routine as far as my skincare goes. So far, from religiously applying sunscreen before stepping out to perfecting the order in which my products go on, I have a day routine down pat. But come night and sheer laziness takes over and most evenings, the most I do is swab a cotton ball with cleanser and take off my makeup. This year, I'll put in a bit more effort – a proper cleansing routine followed by dollops of moisturiser and an eye cream. So hopefully, come 2016, dehydrated skin will be a thing of the past.

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Nazneen Joshi
The biggest change I'd like to make in the new year when it comes to my skin would be to seriously start using a night cream. I've always thought of a night cream as a marketing ploy but this year, after having used it a couple of times, I noticed a significant difference in my skin in the morning. The night is when your skin really gets to de-stress and rejuvenate so it's the perfect time to treat it to some TLC with a luxurious dollop of face cream. Plus, it's the kind of ritual that would get you perfectly ready for bed, giving you a fabulous night of snoozing as an added bonus!

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Vidhi Gandhi
My skin resolution for 2015 would be to drink more water and have green tea and rose tea for healthy and glowing skin. I think moisturisation is very important no matter what your skin type and weather. Someone with an extremely oily complexion like mine should use a lightweight water-based moisturiser and cool one’s face every morning with ice cubes.