Self-care is all about feeling good, forgetting your worries and most importantly, focusing on what you’ve been neglecting for too long—yourself!

You can be stressed and strained the other 365 days of the year (it’s a leap year, guys), but this V-day, we are not letting stress come in the way of self-love and self-care. Let’s make it all about self-love, shall we?

Here are 5 things you can do this Valentine’s Day to treat yourself.    


01. Indulge in a body detox

01.	Indulge in a body detox

Let’s think beyond the bubble bath. Your body needs more than some soapy bubbles and bath bombs. Take the day to draw yourself a bath with some luxe and aromatic essential oils. Cleanse your skin using a sweet-smelling body scrub to get a complete detox.


02. Care for your nails

02.	Care for your nails

Spend an afternoon indulging in at-home mani-pedi sesh. Groom your nails, scrub your hands pretty and change up your manicure. Also, don’t forget to post a #nailsofInstagram picture to bless everyone’s feed. Because why not?


03. Go for a foot massage

03.	Go for a foot massage

You and your feet deserve a break from all that running around. Book an appointment at the Lakmé Salon for an hour-long foot massage to relax your mind and get a sense of happiness. When you are done, maybe get some cool highlights or get a facial done. C’mmon, you deserve it.  


04. Treat yourself with some yumminess

04.	Treat yourself with some yumminess

If you get butterflies when you see him food, make something for yourself that’s not only delicious but also gives you healthy and glowing skin. Seriously, nothing’s better than treating yourself to some sumptuous food without the guilt. So go ahead, gorge on smoothie bowls, drink red wine or eat dark chocolates.


05. Pamper yourself with beauty gifts

05. Pamper yourself with beauty gifts

No Valentine’s Day is complete without some lavish and expressive gifts, right? So, go ahead and buy those beauty products that have been sitting in your wish list since forever. Buy that skincare kit, jade roller or that really cool eyeshadow palette already; you deserve it.