Skin Essentials To Pack On Your Next Road Trip

Written by Girija NaiksatamDec 19, 2017
Packing for a road trip can be tricky. Your luggage is reduced to a camping haversack or perhaps a backpack and a duffle bag if you’re lucky, and suddenly everything seems to be important enough to pack. You can compromise on your clothes and your food, but when it comes to your skincare, here is what you absolutely mustn’t compromise on…

Deo to the rescue

Moisturise to the max

It’s great that you’re miles away from home (and a hot bath,) but smelling like that? Not really. Since no one wants to be at the receiving end of nasty BO, always pack a super strong deo that’ll give you 48 hour protection when you’re on the road. It’ll be the best use of those few square inches in your bag that’ll come super handy especially if you don’t know when your next stop is going to be.

We recommend: The new Dove Go Fresh Deo with energizing grapefruit and lemongrass scent that works round the clock and also soothes skin with its Vitamin E content.


Sun proof your skin

Moisturise to the max

One of the most common mistakes we make is to use sunblock only when we’re outdoors. Like we’ve mentioned before, those harmful UVA rays can also pass through glass which means you’re exposed to them even if you’re road tripping from destination A to B. Since a tan is inevitable when you finally decide to camp out, you might as well do your best to prevent it while on the go.

We recommend: The Lakmé 9to5 Super Sunscreen that glides on super smooth, leaves no residue and is custom made for both, dry as well as oily skin.


Moisturise to the max

Moisturise to the max

Who cares about their skin when they’re on the road, right? Wrong. With no clean washrooms in sight, you’ve probably reduced your water intake, something that’s going to leave your skin looking dull, dry and thirsty. The least (and most) you can do is lather on some moisturiser twice a day irrespective of the weather. Going on a road trip is fun but coming back looking like you went on one might not.

We recommend: The Vaseline Healthy White Triple Lightening Body Lotion that’s enriched with Vitamin B3 to give you sun protection and even helps to keep skin fair and even toned.

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