Brides-to-be, take note. If you’ve got your big day coming up and all the pre-planning exhaustion has done you (and your skin) in, we suggest walking into the Lakmé Absolute Salon for a full day of pampering. Here are the three services you’ve got to try out…

3 pre wedding treatments for brides to be chocolate waxing 430x550

The white chocolate waxing ritual at the Lakmé Absolute Salon is a must-do. It’s much better than the regular waxing rituals, gets rid of the surface level sun tan and also delays the growth of hair. Unlike regular waxes, white wax gets rid of all the hair at one go.

3 pre wedding treatments for brides to be butt facial 430x550

Brides-to-be, you’ve been working so hard at getting a bikini-bod that you absolutely deserve to flaunt it. And just in case you still had any more inhibitions, let Buttyliscious, the new butt facial from the Lakmé Absolute Salon help you get rid of them. It consists of a deep cleanse followed by a massage with seaweed extracts and finally a finishing masque that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. With a booty that pampered, why would you think twice about showing it off?

3 pre wedding treatments for brides to be vit c skin rejuvenation facial 430x550

Get that pre-wedding glow with the Vitamin C skin rejuvenation facial. It gets rid of all blackheads and dead skin cells that lurk on the surface, gives your skin the nourishment of Vitamin C, and what’s more, this intense face massage ensures that there’s maximum blood circulation to your face to give you that natural glow. Recommended more than those chemical peels we say!

Presently, Buttyliscious is available at the Lakmé Absolute Salon in Mumbai. It will be introduced in the Absolute Salons in Delhi and Bengaluru in January next year.