Why A Moisturising Deodorant Is Your Favourite New Pal This Summer

Written by Nazneen JoshiNov 10, 2016
You might be picking your defence against body odour depending on which fragrance you prefer, which packaging is more appealing or simply because it’s the one you’ve been using for decades—but what if we introduced you to an entirely new dimension when it comes to your deodorant?

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If you ask us, what we look for first in our deodorant, we would say the smell is key. Obvious as it may sound, finding a pretty and sweet-smelling deo is harder than it may sound—which is why, when we found ours (grapefruit!) we did not want to let go.

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And, we like nothing more when our choices are validated! We recently found out that our favourite Dove Go Fresh Deodorants have Vitamin E plus a nourishing and moisturising cream that helps you get rid of those horrendous, nasty dark patches. Finally, someone answers our woes!

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What’s even better, these fun and flavourful deos (read: grapefruit and lemon-grass and cucumber and green-tea!) has zero alcohol content. What this means is no painful, stinging feeling after you spray it on. This just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

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Packed with glycerol our new summer-heroes contain glycerol—a moisturiser that’s natural to our skin and helps keep it hydrated, nourished and healthy looking.

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