Everything You Need To Know About Facial Extractions

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 19, 2018
Everything you need to know about facial extractions
Whether it’s work stress, exposure to the elements or the extra slice of pizza you devoured, some times your skin just needs a thorough cleansing. Cups of green tea and exercise can work in the long run but the quickest route is an invigorating facial that sets us on the path to healthy skin. Extractions are one of the best skin care rituals to detoxify skin and unclog pores. If you’re apprehensive about facial extractions, we spoke to Disha Meher, National Expert, Skin and Nails at Lakmé Salon to tell us a little more about them…

Only blackheads can be extracted

Think twice if your skin is sensitive

Although we were under the impression that both, white and blackheads can be extracted, it’s untrue. Disha elaborates, “While blackheads have an opening, whiteheads are merely excess sebum sealed behind a layer of skin with no precise opening.” That’s why popping whiteheads damages the dermis layer of the skin and leaves stubborn marks. With their clear opening, blackheads can be removed cleanly and leave no marks behind when extracted in the right manner.

Clogged pores are more common than you think

If you thought extractions were only for oily skin types, here’s some news for you. “Regardless of your skin type, the area on and around the nose tends to get oily and clogged quickly. The tropical climate, lifestyle and pollutants also cause blocked pores on the nose that need extraction,” recommends Disha. That’s the key to keeping your schnoz debris-free.


There are many ways to do it

Think twice if your skin is sensitive

While different salons follow different processes, there are two main extraction methods. “The first method is when the pores are opened with a steam treatment and debris is extracted. The second, which Lakmé Salon follows, is when an alkaline solution is applied to the congested areas of the skin and blackheads are removed effectively as part of the facial. What we avoid is a metal extractor which is unhygienic when unsterilized.”

Opening isn’t everything

Once the pores are opened and gunk extracted, the extraction step of the facial isn’t over. In fact, when they aren’t sealed correctly, it can lead to a whole new set of problems. Disha says, “At Lakmé, we use gloves and toner soaked cotton for the extraction to be carried out hygienically. Once this is done, the pores are sealed properly and the PH level of the skin is balanced.” So along with an effective opening, a strong finish is important too!


Think twice if your skin is sensitive

Think twice if your skin is sensitive

We all know that sensitive skin needs to be handled with kid gloves which holds true for extractions as well. “If your skin is hyper sensitive, extraction is an avoidable step as this will unduly aggravate it and leave it red and irritated”, recommends Disha. Instead, keep your sensitive skin healthy and clean naturally.

Don’t try it at home

We’re no skin care pros so even though blackhead extractors are available in the market, skip them. “Extraction is a professional procedure and if not done properly, can leave marks and infection,” concludes Disha. So the next time you find your skin clogged and in need of a detox, trust your face in the hands of an expert.

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