Indian festive season is upon us, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to bring on our fashion A-game forward. For the past two years, due to Corona, none of the festivals were celebrated with the enthusiasm they deserve. But in 2022, everybody is excited to ring in the festivities with great usher. Indian festival Navratri, an auspicious Hindu festival dedicated to the nine avatars of Goddess Durga, is just around the corner. Indian festivals give us the perfect occasion to showcase the current fashion trends. Everyone looks forward to coming together to celebrate the non-stop dandiya and garba nights for nine days. Below we will tell you the latest Navratri fashion trends. From sartorial fashion choices to latest hair and makeup trends, we will give you all the Navratri fashion tips and tricks to amp your style quotient. 

To celebrate the nine-day festival, people dress up in the most gorgeous ethnic or indo-western outfits, accessorising with the perfect jewellery and gorgeous hair and makeup to compliment the entire look. Since Navratri involves a lot of dancing and jumping around with joy, it is imperative to be dressed in comfortable yet modish outfits, along with comfy footwear to be able to dance the night away. Hair and makeup also play an important role in dressing up for the festivities. If you are in a dilemma with what to wear or how to deck up this Navratri 2022, read on to follow the tips we give you below.  

Navratri Fashion Trends: Know the Basics 

1. Move away from the typical chaniya choli 

navratri fashion trends

Image Credit: @mogradesigns/Instagram; @manal_slm/instagram 

Chaniya choli is the classic and traditional attire for Navratri. But if you are looking for something fusion, you can ditch the old chaniya choli and add a touch of flair to your outfit. When it comes to dancing non-stop during garba and dandiya nights, many women, especially young adults, prefer something that is easy to handle and hassle-free that does not interrupt their joy of dancing. You can pair the ethnic choli with palazzos or a layered printed skirt and ditch the dupatta. You can also wear a vibrant printed kurta with leggings or jeans to create a simple boho look. Gorgeous, printed peplum top paired with a flared skirt or lehenga is the perfect combo of traditional meets modern. Jackets also make for a great addition to the outfit. Pair a medium length jacket with a choli and skirt, and you’re all set for the dandiya nights. Opt for vivid colours in prints like bandhani to retain a traditional feel to your fusion outfit. 

You can add zest to your whole look with oxidised jewellery for a more indie character. Maatha pattis can also be a great addition as they are quite in trend nowadays. Other jewellery options are jhumkas, anklets, and chunky rings. Do not go for heavy jewellery that can be a hindrance while dancing. Choose lightweight yet dramatic earrings. Round hoops and colourful cloth tassel earrings are the perfect choice for festive Navratri outfits. 

2. Go traditional with your choice of bags and shoes 

navratri fashion trends shoes

Navratri means dancing and being on your toes for long hours in crowded lawns. And your choice of shoes will make all the difference to get you through the night. Pick out footwear that are not only stylish but also convenient. Our suggestion is to go for flats like juttis, kolhapuris or wedges if you want to add height. The markets are thriving with fashionable options. Choose a neutral design and colour, if you want to play it safe and that matches with your vibrant outfits. Select colours like black, beige or nudes if you are wearing something printed and colourful. While stilettoes are a big no, you can still choose heels like wedges as they are much more easy-going and are perfect for short peeps who do not want to keep tripping over their lehenga. For a more indo-western look, choose boho flats with colourful tassels and prints that not only go perfectly with lehengas but can also be worn under jeans. 

When it comes to carrying a bag, do not go for big shoulder bags. Carry a sling that can be hung around your shoulders so that you are not constantly stressing about leaving them in a corner or on random tables or even on the dance floor. Pick a chic bag which is festive and lightweight. You can opt for beautiful potlis or jhola bags. Potlis can easily be tied to your waist. If you are wearing a fusion outfit with a denim jacket, you can also carry a fanny pack that can wrap around your chest or waist. Do not fill your bags with a lot of stuff. Carry some money, mobile phone and some tissues to wipe the sweat off your face. 

3. Go dramatic with your hair 

navratri fashion trends hair tresemme

Image Credit: @amitthakur_hair/instagram 

Leaving your hair down while may seem like the easiest option when it comes to fuss-free hairstyles, it is certainly not ideal for Navratri. Dancing will make your hair sweaty and a dusty mess from the open ground spaces. In such a scenario, it’s best to tie your locks in beautiful hairstyles like buns or plaits. Braids are trendy, chic and super convenient. There is a plethora of choices when it comes to braids like fishtail braid, three-strand braid, dutch braid and classic braid. 

You can also choose care-free hairdo like a bun. A classic sleek low bun is a favourite among celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor. There are various other bun styles you can rock like the braided bun, messy bun and a top knot. Another effortless hairdo option is a classic high ponytail that you can never mess up with. Add drama to your hairstyle by accessorising with flowers like roses, jasmine or the old school gajra around your bun or even braids.  

Hair jewellery is also quite popular these days like hair chains, maang tikkas, colourful pins and more. Before using any styling tools, add a generous pump of Tresemme Pro Pure Damage Recovery hair serum for a tangle-free and manageable hairstyle. The hair serum lends lustre and shine to your hair. The goodness of rice essence in the serum will help in damage control.  

4. Add a magical touch to your makeup 

navratri fashion trends make up

Image Credit: @devangiverma/instagram 

No look is complete without adding a touch of makeup. Going for light makeup is ideal for Navratri. A lot of dancing means a lot of sweating. Choosing light coverage and sweat-proof makeup products will help stay the makeup put throughout the night. Matte foundations, waterproof mascaras and matte lipsticks are your go-to makeup products that will not budge at all. We recommend trying out Lakme’s 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Powder foundation which is perfect for on the go. It does the work of the primer, foundation and face powder, all in just one product. Not only it blends effortlessly but will also give a smooth matte skin-like finish. Set your makeup with a setting powder if you use liquid or cream foundations that will prevent the oils and sweat to come forward.  

For lips, select any vibrant shade from New Lakme Forever Matte Lip Colour Range, available in 30 shades. The lip colour is super matte and lasts as long as up to 16 hours. Since Navratri is all about colours, we suggest going for dynamic shades like pinks and reds to add that glam factor.   

FAQs about Navratri Fashion Trends 

Q1. What is a suitable attire for Durga Puja? 

A. Durga Puja is celebrated on the last day of Navratri and is a joyous occasion especially for Bengalis. They usually wear red and white saree on the auspicious occasion. If you are not comfortable in a saree, you can choose to wear an Anarkali or even a flowy kurta pyjama set. 

Q2. What should boys wear for garba and dandiya nights? 

A. Boys can move over from simple kurta and pyjamas and can take their fashion game a notch higher this Navratri. Block prints like bandhej, patola, madhubani are among the few stylish options boys can choose from. If wearing a simple kurta, team it up with a printed embroidered jacket or a waist coat. Complete the look with mojris or kolhapuri chappals. Traditional attire worn by men during Navratri is called kediyu and dhoti. 

Q3. Can you wear black in Navratri? 

A. Each day in Navratri has a colour code assigned. Colours like red, orange, blue, green, yellow, grey and purple are selected for all the nine days and changes every year. It is advised to follow this colour scheme and best to avoid colour black on an auspicious occasion.