10 Pre-Bridal Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin

Written by Team BBAug 18, 2022
10 pre-bridal skincare tips for glowing skin

Being a bride is exciting yet nerve-racking. The pressure to ensure everything goes well, without any hiccups, is real. And all this stress can take a toll on your skin. But, that’s what we’re here for. If you’re a bride-to-be, here are some tips and tricks to have the most gorgeous skin on your wedding day. Follow these 10 pre-bridal skincare tips to get your glow on!


01. Achieving flawless skin takes time

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You cannot achieve flawless skin merely hours before your wedding. Start weeks or months prior to the wedding date. If you want to get chemical treatments, consult a doctor and work out the dates so your skin looks its best on your special day.


02. Identify what works for you

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Sure, makeup artists are literal magicians and you can always trust them. However, you are also responsible for your makeup. Your makeup artist can use the best products there are, but if something does not agree with your skin, you’re doomed. That’s why you have to experiment with makeup and check which products work for you. If you think a certain primer or foundation makes your skin look smooth and flawless, insist on using that for your base. If you know the basics and how to work around your favourite products, you can even do touch-ups on your own.


03. For problematic skin, consult a dermatologist

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Another one that needs to be planned way ahead. If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist a few months before your wedding. Moreover, the needs of your skin keep changing depending on the weather; that’s why regular visits to the dermatologist are always beneficial. Follow a skincare regimen suggested by your doctor for the dreamiest skin on your big day!


04. Avoid stepping out in the sun and wear sunscreen daily

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If possible, try to avoid stepping out in the sun a few days or weeks before your wedding. Most of the time we develop an even tan on our face with the hyperpigmentation getting more pronounced around our mouths. UVA and UVB rays of the sun not only cause uneven tanning but also make your skin look dull and tired. So wear sunscreen in the AM, even if you’re indoors and keep your skin protected.


05. Be consistent with your skincare routine

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time and constant effort. Set a proper skincare routine for yourself and follow it daily. Include masks, sheet masks, treatments and all the good stuff! Once a week, use water sleeping masks, sheet masks or any skin treatment of your choice. Stick to your daytime and nighttime routines daily and don’t forget sunscreen during the day.


06. Introduce Vitamin C to your skin

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Vitamin C is a phenomenal antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient that is applauded for improving skin tone and texture while hydrating the skin and actively reducing signs of ageing. Include a Vitamin C infused serum like the Lakmé 9to5 Vit C+ Facial Serum in your routine. This one is enriched with Kakadu Plum, the richest known source of Vitamin C in the world (100x more than oranges). It instantly improves the feel of your skin while actively moisturising and nourishing it in the process.


07. Skincare tools to enhance the glow

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Use a gua sha or jade roller when you’re done moisturising to help the products penetrate deep into your skin while also gently massaging it to increase the blood flow. Do this process for about 2-3 minutes and feel the blood flow (you can feel your face a little flushed right after this). This will give your products an extra boost to give you that goddess glow.


08. Exfoliate

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Exfoliation is an important step that not only gets rid of dead skin cells which actively improves your skin tone and texture but also gets rid of clogged pores, pollution, grime and product buildup. Exfoliate your face 2 to 3 times a week with a gentle scrub like the Simple Daily Skin Detox Clear Pore Facial Scrub and your body twice a week with the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub with Pomegranate Seeds and Shea Butter. This will ensure glowing, supple and butter-like skin on your D-day. You can also consult your dermatologist about exfoliation treatments to juice out some extra glow.


09. Inner healing for outer glow

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If you're looking for a lit-from-within glow, it's essential to make a note of what you're eating alongside topical skincare. Eat healthy and avoid junk food like chips, chocolate or sodas as they can trigger excess sebum production, causing acne. Start including greens, veggies and fruits in your diet. But be cautious and don't make drastic changes to your diet to lose weight as sometimes they backfire and you end up gaining a few pounds instead. Also, you could start doing yoga to keep your stress at bay to achieve glowing skin. But, the most important of all is to stay hydrated! Nothing like water to flush out toxins in your body and trust us on that. If you're bored of drinking plain water, you can always amp it up by making your fruit-infused water instead.


10. Quality sleep

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Sleep is essential to let your skin work its magic, trust us on that. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep every night because your skin rejuvenates and regenerates cells when you’re asleep. So, good sleep equals glowing skin. Along with these benefits, it'll whoosh away the dark circles too. Lastly, did you know that when we sleep our breathing state is extremely relaxed and that calms our nervous system, which in turn reduces stress? So sleep away! We recommend sleeping on satin sheets and pillowcases to avoid friction that might potentially irritate your skin.

Okay, happy wedding gorgeous! We’re rooting for your love and of course, your skin *priorities*.

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