How To Prevent An Acne Breakout On Your Wedding Day

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
How to prevent an acne breakout on your wedding day

Thanks to those never-ending wedding to-do lists, who even has the time to think about skincare, right? But unfortunately, all the stress and lack of sleep can make your skin extra sensitive and highly susceptible to breakouts.

With so many factors that cause these annoying monsters to pop up and not one clear cut answer as to how to avoid them, we decided to come to your rescue with you some easy ways to prevent breakouts on or in the run up to your wedding day.


Keep your face clean

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The days leading up to your wedding are really busy and we understand if you feel like you want to crash the minute you reach home. But do not, we repeat, do not go to sleep before thoroughly cleansing your skin to get rid of makeup and dirt. Also, wash your face twice a day to prevent breakouts. This will wash away all the impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.


Skip the makeup at least a week prior to the wedding day

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Using heavy makeup products such as foundation and concealer can sometimes be harsh on your skin, making it more susceptible to blackheads and breakouts. In the weeks before your wedding, try and avoid makeup as far as possible. But if you must, then switch to lightweight BB creams and mattifying products instead of full coverage makeup. This will let your skin breathe a little bit before your big day rolls around.


Avoid touching your face as far as possible

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Given the amount of work we do with our hands, they are often a storehouse of dirt, oil and bacteria, which can easily get into your pores if you touch your face often. We know it can be tempting to scratch, itch or pick at a scab, but resist that urge! Popping a pimple or simply scratching your face makes the pimple-causing bacteria spread, causing more breakouts!


Give up on dairy

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Milk contains components related to the hormone testosterone that is known to stimulate oil glands in the skin. Having too much dairy is like setting up your skin for acne. We understand that ice cream is your de-stress food, but cutting it out a week or two before your wedding can make a big difference in your complexion and help you avoid pimples completely.


Avoid going out in the sun

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Sun damage is real, girls. The harmful UV rays of the sun irritate your skin, cause redness, and open your skin to some serious sun damage as well as breakouts. If you need to be out in the sun, always wear a hat, protective clothing and sunscreen with SPF 30 or above. Not only will they protect against acne, but they will help you avoid unwanted tan lines.


Stay hydrated

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Drinking water is the number one way to flush out toxins from your system and get clear skin. Apart from the solid eight glasses of water a day, cut out sugary drinks to avoid breakouts. Drinking water keeps your inside


Chill out

Chill out

Last, but not the least, breathe! Weddings can be stressful, but don’t let it consume you. Try not to obsess over the tiniest details. Should a pimple appear days before your big day, take a deep breath and talk to your makeup artist about it. Stressing about it or touching it might trigger a full-blown bout of acne.

s healthy, which in turn keeps your skin healthy too.

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