The prevalence of sweets in desi festive scenarios is so coveted that it is almost considered rude to turn them down at family gatherings! The result, the whole month’s worth of kaju katlis and ladoos resulting in ‘sugar skin’ — the phenomenon of waking up with a dull complexion after a night of bingeing on foods high in sugar. You might even notice fine line and wrinkles being more prominent or dark under-eye circles popping up more often during the festive season because of this. Not to forget breakouts, those are the worst! So, how exactly can you deal with this without having to give up on the delicious meals? We have a few tips…


Why is a sudden spike in sugar intake bad for your skin?

Why is a sudden spike in sugar intake bad for your skin?

Sugar causes inflammation inside the body. The inflammation produces enzymes which break down the collagen in the skin thus resulting in loss of elasticity in the skin and making the skin oily. Sugar also dehydrates your skin making it sallow, dull and lacklustre. Additionally, the more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to develop insulin resistance, which can result in hirsutism (excess hair growth) and dark patches on the neck.


How to minimise the effects of binge eating sugar on the skin

How to minimise the effects of binge eating sugar on the  skin

Now, we are not going to tell you to quit festive sweets altogether. But there are some easy ways to minimise the effects it can have on your skin:

01. When we say sugar, we mean added and processed sugar. Plant-based and natural sugars, in fruits and vegetables, do not have such an effect on your skin. So stay away from processed sugar as much as you can.

02. Increase your daily water intake as it can help reduce sugar absorption in your body.

03. Balance out your sugar binge by cutting out on carbs and adding veggies and proteins instead.

04. Add antioxidant-rich drinks in your diet like carrot juice and green tea to balance the glycemic index disturbance caused due to sugar bingeing.

05. Pay close attention to your skincare routine — remove all the makeup at the end of the day, double up on the moisturiser and make sure to use a mattifying toner in your routine at least once a day. We recommend a formulation like the Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner. Infused with natural astringent witch hazel, it can counter the excessive oiliness caused by the sugar intake.

Main image courtesy: @kritisanon