Follow This Simple Skincare Routine Before Applying Makeup This Festive Season

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
Follow this simple skincare routine before applying makeup this festive season

We’re sure by now you must have planned all your outfits, matching jewellery, shoes, hairstyles and even the kind of makeup you’d be going for as the festive season begins. Are we right, lovelies? We sure are! So, while you’re all set to enjoy this fun season with all the new makeup hacks and techniques, we’re here to make sure you don’t forget to take care of your skin, while you’re at it. That’s why, we have mapped out a simple skincare routine that you gotta do before applying makeup this festive season to make sure your skin remains healthy and your makeup doesn’t get all patchy!


Step 1: Wash your face with a mild face wash

Step 5: Don’t forget your lips

First things first, make sure you don’t apply makeup on an oily, grime-filled face. Cleansing your face ensures smoother and even skin for your makeup. So, cleanse your face with a mild face wash like the Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash PH Balanced with Gentle Exfoliating Beads. With gentle exfoliating beads and no soap in its formula, this face wash gently washes away dead skin cells, hydrates and refreshes your skin to make it soft and supple.


Step 2: Tone your skin

Step 5: Don’t forget your lips

After washing your face, it’s time to tone your skin. The toner works to even out your skin and tighten the pores before you get started with the makeup. So, take some Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner on a cotton pad and swipe it across your face and neck, especially around your T-zone. All thanks to the witch hazel and allantoin in its formula, this clean toner will soothe and calm your skin, while ingredients like chamomile and pro vit B5 will hydrate and boost antioxidants in your skin.


Step 3: Dab on the serum

Step 5: Don’t forget your lips

To make sure your makeup stays on for a longer period of time and doesn’t dry out your skin, we suggest putting on some serum after toning your skin. Go for a serum with hyaluronic acid in it like the Lakmé Absolute Hydra Pro Serum as it helps boost hydration in your skin. This serum also has pentavitin and glycerin in it that helps moisturise, hydrate and smoothen your skin. It’s like an instant dose of hydration for your skin, so make sure you keep it handy this festive season.


Step 4: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Step 5: Don’t forget your lips

Yes, it is super important to apply moisturiser to your skin before layering it with makeup. It makes sure your skin doesn’t look dull under the makeup and your base makeup blends well with your skin and stays longer. Go for a light moisturiser like the Pond’s Super Light Gel Oil Free Moisturiser With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E. We love this one because it is super light on the skin and doesn’t feel greasy or oil. The hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E in it helps moisturise your skin and give it a water-fresh glow.


Step 5: Don’t forget your lips

Step 5: Don’t forget your lips

Wait, before you start off your makeup, don’t forget about your poor ol’ lips! To make your pout selfie-ready this festive season, make sure you apply a good lip balm like the Vaseline Lip Tins Original Care over your lips before coating it with your favourite lipstick. Infused with Vitamin E, this lip balm moisturises your lips and gives it a natural, healthy, glossy look that is perfect for your lips this festive season.

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