The summers can be extremely harsh on the underarms and bring along a string of problems such as seasonal sweat, bacteria and body odour. While the face, hair and body get special products to protect themselves from sun damage, tending to those underarms is probably the last thing on your mind when rushing out of the house in the morning. But you need to know how to take care of your underarms, especially when the temperature soars if you want to keep pesky problems such as skin irritation, unpleasant odour, pit stains, razor bumps, dark marks and itching at bay. Here is a detailed summer underarm care guide that will help you throw your hands up in the air, without a second thought.


01. Practise proper underarm hygiene

Woman washing her armpit

Don’t treat your underarms like just another body part, they actually need proper TLC during the summer months. Since the armpits are usually covered, they can harbour bacteria, which when combined with sweat, can wreak havoc. Make sure to use antibacterial soaps and body washes to clean the area thoroughly and maintain good hygiene throughout the day.


02. Use a moisturising deodorant

Woman applying roll-on deodorant in armpit

A moisturising deodorant is an absolute must-have in your daily care routine for underarms. The Dove Even Tone Deodorant and Dove Original Smooth and Even Skin have been formulated with 1/4th moisturising cream to keep your underarm skin smooth and even-toned. The formula is alcohol and paraben-free and provides 48 hours odour protection. Plus, they come in both spray and roll-on forms, so you can pick the one you prefer!


03. Include weekly underarm TLC

Woman exfoliating armpit

The skin present in the folds of your body - like the underarms, groin area and even the ear cartilage, can often get clogged. This is because these areas find it difficult to naturally shed dead skin cells. Treat your underarms to some weekly TLC; exfoliate and massage with a gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin and help the skin breathe.


04. Remove hair with care

Woman shaving armpit

Hair removal puts added stress on the underarm skin and needs to be done carefully. Physical hair removal methods like waxing and hair removal creams can be too abrasive on the skin and lead to further inflammation and infections. That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of underarms after shaving. Opt for less stressful hair removal methods like shaving for short term needs, and laser hair removal as a long term solution.


05. Check the labels of the products you use

Armpit care

It is crucial to check the labels of all the products you use before you apply them to your skin, especially when it comes to the underarms. Be wary of over-drying and sensitising ingredients like alcohols, artificial fragrances and dyes, parabens or preservatives. Use only hypoallergenic and skin safe ingredients in the summer to keep your armpits problem-free.