When it comes to skincare, layering products in the right order is crucial for making the most of them. While staples like serums and moisturisers pretty much have to be applied in a set order, you can play around with the others, like sunscreen.

Yes, as a skincare rule, your routine should always end with sunscreen. But some beauty enthusiasts believe that applying sunscreen after a thick layer of moisturiser can make it difficult for the product to penetrate and reach your skin. This is especially true for chemical sunscreens, which, unlike physical sunscreens, don’t just sit on your skin to block UV radiation but actually strengthen your skin’s defence system with quality ingredients. So, there are obvious benefits of using your sunscreen before your moisturiser and here’s how to make most of them…


01. Improves the efficiency of the formula

Improves the efficiency of the formula

Sunscreens are available in a variety of textures and formulas to suit your skin type. You can alter the order of an SPF based on its consistency to improve its efficiency. For instance, if you’re using a lightweight SPF with sheer, lotion-like consistency, we’d recommend applying it before your moisturiser. Mineral formulations work better when they penetrate your skin deeper and enrich it with barrier-protecting ingredients to boost your skin’s natural defence system.

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02. Locks in the product for longer hours

Locks in the product for longer hours

There is a reason why you are often advised to re-apply your sunscreen every couple of hours. It is because your skin tends to lose hydration while out and about, and with it, the products you had applied at the start of the day start to melt. A moisturiser with hydration locking properties contains occlusives like petroleum jelly and cocoa butter etc. In addition to moisture, they can help seal in your SPF for long hours as well. This will help provide better sun protection by locking the sunscreen in place for longer hours.

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03. Minimises need for constant re-application

Minimises need for constant re-application

If you are a generally active person and like to sweat it out outdoors, using sunscreen first can help up the sun protection factor since your sunscreen can melt away with the sweat, and needs constant re-application. So, layering with a moisturiser will help improve the durability and performance of your sunscreen.

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