5 Times To Ditch Lipstick And Wear Chapstick Instead!

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
5 times to ditch lipstick and wear chapstick instead!

Lipsticks are a godsend! It is the one product your vanity kit should never run out of. A single stroke of colour on your lips can change your entire look. From adding life to your face to switching your look from dull to dazzling in a jiffy, any beauty it-girl can testify to her never-ending love for lipsticks.

But truth be told, a lipstick can sometimes wear down your lips or just look too much when you’re busy doing the mundane. For times like these, you need something that’s light on your lips, gives you that hint of colour and nourishes--all at the same time! Wondering what we’re talking about? It’s chapstick to the rescue, girls. And we think we’ve found the perfect one that won’t make you regret tossing back your favourite lipstick. The new Vaseline Lip Therapy chapstick comes in four different variants—original, cherry, apricot and strawberry—and we think you should totally give it a go!

But before you add to cart, take a look at all the times a chapstick wins over lipstick.


When you are travelling

On a girls’ night-in

Let’s be honest! Even though we’d love to look all put together on a flight (you might just bump into a cutie on the plane, duh!), it’s not practical to wear a heavy-duty matte lipstick while travelling. The low humidity and the high altitude sap moisture from the skin, including your lips, leaving them dry and chapped. That’s when a chapstick comes to the rescue! To add a pop of colour to your lips, use a tinted chapstick instead of the regular transparent one.


When you are running errands

On a girls’ night-in

Whether you’re heading to a supermarket or a mall, you don’t want to look like a mess, do you? Sure, you have your hair rolled up in a bun, but a little makeup can make you look presentable. To keep it to the bare minimum, simply apply a BB cream, kajal and finish off with a chapstick. You don’t want to look OTT while running errands, right?


When you are working out

On a girls’ night-in

If you’re someone who needs just a tad touch of glam while working out, then girl, you’re in for a treat! We’ve got the perfect solution that won’t make you look dead while you sweat it out in the gym. It’s called a tinted chapstick! Because well, can you imagine yourself working out wearing a bold red lipstick? No, right?


When in college

On a girls’ night-in

Unless it’s a freshers’ party, a regular day at college calls for understated glamour! However, that does not mean you cannot look well put-together. While a dark lip colour may not be the best option for you to wear to college, you can swap it for the Vaseline Lip Therapy—Strawberry. It will not only add that pinkish hue to your lips, but also provide 24-hour moisturisation and leave your lips soft and healthy.


On a girls’ night-in

On a girls’ night-in

Hitting the club is so passé! Nothing beats a pyjama party with your girlfriends. Now while working a lipstick with your pyjamas can look a tad funny, you don’t want to look de-glam in the zillion selfies you’re going to click either. For such nights-in, ditch your lipstick for a tinted chapstick.

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