Beauty Hacks Using An Eye-Cream We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Beauty hacks using an eye-cream we bet you didn’t know about

When it comes to using an eye cream, all of us are very well aware of the basics. From brightening up the eye area, eliminating dark circles to getting rid of under-eye bags, a good eye cream can do it all.

Well, what if we told you that an eye cream can be used in several different ways than just the eyes. Surprised, aren’t you? We are about to tell you some awesome beauty hacks using an eye cream to help you make the most of this miracle product.


01. Prevents your concealer from creasing

04.	Smoothen frown lines

Did you know that mixing a little bit of eye cream with your concealer can completely transform its application? Yes, that’s right. This trick will make the concealer creamier than it already is, ensuring that it spreads more evenly. The moisture surge will keep your under-eye area hydrated and prevent the concealer from creasing or separating.


02. Prevent lips from drying out

04.	Smoothen frown lines

The next time your lip balm gets over, fret not. Simply reach out for your bottle of eye cream and apply it on your lips as well as the surrounding area to keep it hydrated, moisturised and properly nourished. As you age, a lip balm doesn’t do enough to keep your lips moisturised, but this where your eye cream steps in. Simply rub some on your lips before bed and wake up to soft and supple lips.


03. Soften your cuticles

04.	Smoothen frown lines

Since the area around your eyes is extremely delicate and soft, an eye cream is specially formulated to be extra hydrating. Therefore, it also doubles as an amazing remedy for dry cuticles. If you don’t have a cuticle cream handy, simply rub some eye cream into your cuticles to keep them properly nourished.


04. Smoothen frown lines

04.	Smoothen frown lines

Do you tend to frown while working, being lost in thought or by simply looking at your phone? If the answer is yes, chances are that you will develop frown lines eventually. To avoid this issue, regularly apply a little eye cream in between your brows every morning and evening.

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