If you’re a skincare buff, you would definitely be aware of the importance of exfoliation. Apart from sloughing away dead skin cells (duh), it helps in cell-renewal, better absorption of skincare products as well as keeping your skin firm and youthful. But did you know, just like your face, your body needs regular exfoliation as well? Yes, girl, you read that right.

Now, when it comes to body scrubs, the two most common types of scrubs you'll come across are salt and sugar scrubs. Before you decided to randomly add one to your skincare routine, let us tell you that both essential to maintain a healthy skincare routine. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed what distinguishes each type below and also when to use which.

difference between salt and sugar scrubs

Salt scrubs

Salt scrubs tend to have slightly larger granules and are a lot grittier. They not only help to buff away dead skin cells but also help in detoxifying the skin when added to your bath and foot soaks. Since the texture is so gritty, salt scrubs work really well to smoothen out rough skin and antiseptic properties salt helps to rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

difference between salt and sugar scrubs

Sugar scrubs

Sugar scrubs consist of smaller granules, making them less abrasive. They feel a lot gentler on the skin and are perfect to be used on a regular basis as well. Since sugar scrubs contain a naturally occurring chemical exfoliant AHA (glycolic acid), they work really well for sensitive skin too.

difference between salt and sugar scrubs

When should you use which?

Since salt scrubs tend to have larger chunks, they are best to be used on the rougher areas of your body such as knees, elbows and feet. They also work really well to get rid of callouses and cracked feet. Meanwhile, sugar scrubs are a lot gentler and are perfect to be used on the entire body. From exfoliating your hands and legs before shaving to scrubbing your lips, sugar scrubs work like a dream to give you silky, soft skin.