Our armpits are sensitive, delicate areas of our body that often get ignored when talking about bodycare. We put our underarms through the torture of waxing, shaving, alcohol-filled deos and perfumes, and whatnot. But, when it comes to taking care of it, we don’t seem to have any idea how to go about it.

Well, why fear when we are here? We aren’t going to give you an elaborate routine, but just one product that can help solve the three most common underarm woes that can dampen your confidence. Our go-to solution for all underarm related issues is the Dove Even Tone Deodorant For Women. Here’s how it can help you flaunt smooth and even-toned underarms.


01. Underarm pigmentation

Underarm pigmentation

One of the most common issues most women face is pigmentation in the underarm area. Chemical-laced antiperspirants, shaving, lack of exfoliation - all this leads to pigmentation in the underarms. But, instead of suggesting a rigorous exfoliation routine, we simply suggest turning to the Dove Even Tone Deodorant For Women. With 0% alcohol or parabens, this deodorant works towards reducing dark marks from your underarms and restoring the skin’s natural colour, allowing you to flaunt smooth and even-toned underarms.


02. Odour


Sweating is normal, but the odour can be embarrassing! Drinking lots of water and wearing loose clothes can help, but to ensure your armpits remain odour free throughout the day, we say go for the Dove Even Tone Deodorant For Women. It provides upto 48 hours of odour protection and lends a delicate flowery fragrance! Since there is no alcohol in its solution, you can apply it right after shaving and showering, without the fear of burning sensation in your armpits, and you are good for the whole day.


03. Rough underarms

Rough underarms

Just like the rest of our body, our delicate armpits can get all rough and uneven. Dead skin cell accumulation, swear, dirt, bacteria buildup - the list is endless. But with Dove Eventone Deodorant For Women in your arsenal, you have it all covered. This deo has ¼ moisturising cream in its formula that softens, smoothens and moisturises your armpits to reduce the roughness in this delicate area and give you smooth and even underarm skin.