There is another new reason for every girl to want healthy and glowing skin, and that is Instagram! You want to put your best foot (or leg, or arms or shoulders) forward when you take a selfie and post it. Getting healthy and glowing skin is not rocket science and with a little know-how, every girl can get it for herself!

We spoke to Aesthetic Dermatologist, Dr Rashmi Shetty and quizzed her about what it takes to keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing! Watch the video for what she has to say...

BB: Most girls take extra care of the skin on their face, while not paying as much attention to the skin on the rest of the body...

Dr Shetty: Though a lot of the body parts are not exposed to the environment, it is important to understand that they undergo enough moisture loss, making them dry, rough and flaky. Especially in winter, your body can lose up to 25% of its moisture content.

Knees and elbows are especially rough because of the constant friction they go through, so it is important to mildly exfoliate, and then moisturise them consistently.

Hands and feet tend to get extra dry, because of exposure and constant use. Feet tend to dry, develop cracks and get itchy. In winters, when you take long, hot showers, it actually strips away the moisture from your skin.

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BB: what should you look for in a body lotion?

Dr Shetty: You need to look at certain special ingredients, which have the ability to pull up moisture from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface, or from the environment to the surface of the skin. These are called humectants, and glycerine is a one of the best and commonly known ingredient known to do that.

Yet another thing you will look for is a moisture sealant, which means, when there is moisture already present in the skin, you need something to protect the moisture and not allow it to evaporate. Petroleum jelly is one such sealant.

Then you should look for moisturising ingredients, like dimethicone. These are the ingredients you must look for in your body lotions or moisturisers and use them liberally all over for maximum benefit. This will ensure you have good skin all year long.