Love Eating Mushrooms? They Have Beauty Benefits Too!

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Love eating mushrooms? They have beauty benefits too!

Mushrooms pack a nutritious punch—they are loaded with nutrients such as vitamin B and minerals like copper, selenium and potassium. They are not only beneficial for your health but also for the health of your skin. From reducing inflammation and lightening skin tone to delaying premature ageing and warding off acne, mushrooms can majorly boost your skin game. On the one hand, mushrooms' anti-inflammatory properties help treat acne and eczema, and on the other, their antioxidants protect skin against wrinkles and discolouration caused by environmental factors.

Find it hard to believe? Here are five unbelievable ways in which mushrooms help your skin.

beauty benefits of mushrooms

Hydrates skin

Just the way hyaluronic acid acts as the body’s internal moisturiser that plumps and keeps your skin firm, mushrooms contain polysaccharides that help in hydrating and providing a plumping effect to your skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

Treats acne

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D which has healing properties when applied topically to acne lesions. This is also one of the reasons why mushroom extracts are being used in skin care products formulated for treating skin concerns such as acne and pimples.

Brightens skin

Some mushrooms contain kojic acid which acts as a natural skin lightener. Kojic acid inhibits melanin production on the skin’s surface and lightens the new skin cells that are produced. Kojic acid makes for the perfect alternative to other chemically processed ingredients which promise to brighten your skin.

Prevents early signs of ageing

Kojic acid present in mushrooms has anti-ageing properties. It is often used in skin care products such as serums, creams and lotions to prevent early signs of ageing and other skin concerns such as discolouration, age spots and uneven skin tone caused by photodamage. Mushrooms improve the appearance of skin, leaving it looking healthy and glowing.

Exfoliates skin

Certain species of mushrooms such as shiitake work as excellent exfoliators that help you get rid of dead skin cell build-up. Prepare a scrub using mushroom juice and brown sugar to exfoliate your skin and use it not more than twice a week.

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