Ever heard about the 100 strokes a day for healthy hair narrative? It’s a popular myth, which states that you need 100 brush strokes to keep your hair shiny and pretty. But while myths like these are best paid no heed to, there are some rules that actually present good results. Like the one everyone is obsessed with right now — wash your face for a full 60 seconds (instead of 10) for a clear and glowing complexion!

But is a full minute of face wash action really the key to better skin? Let’s find out!

60 second rule for clear skin

The rule is based on a simple logic — Makeup, dirt and oil build-up are tricky to clean up, hence, you’ve got to let your face wash break down and dissolve these particles in order to wash them off properly. Also, 60 seconds will give you enough time to clean the spots you usually miss like the edges of your nose, under your chin and around your hairline.

60 second rule for clear skin

Some of the benefits of this rule include decreased forehead bumps, softer skin texture, a significant drop in breakouts, and an enviable glow. If 60 seconds seems a bit much, split the time to double cleanse your face — cleanse your face for 30 seconds using an oil-based cleanser; followed by 30 seconds of washing your face with a foamy cleanser. Choose a moisturising formula like the Lakme Blush & Glow Peach Creme Face Wash; it gently cleans your face of dirt and grime without over-drying it. Psst… it also has a deep moisturising effect on its list of merits!

Sure, the 60-second rule can give you softer skin and an unmissable glow. But does it work to banish issues like acne? Maybe not. Washing your face for a while increases circulation, thus bringing fresh blood to your face and nourishing the skin from within. But no matter how long you cleanse, you can’t ‘clean’ your hormones or skin type. So as long as you pick the right cleanser, this rule can add subtle touches of improvement to your skin after a while!