Bathing! We’ve been doing it since we were babies, so what can really go wrong now?! Well, as simple and straightforward as it sounds, body-washing too has some dos and don’ts. You are doing it for a long, long time, no doubt, but it might be time to brush up on your body-washing techniques and figure out how to make the most of your body wash.

After every shower, you want to feel fresh and smell divine, don’t you? So, to get the most from your body wash, you need to follow a few rules that’ll help your skin feel healthy, nourished, hydrated and supple.

the best body washes and how to use them

Tip #1: Do not overuse body wash

Filling up your entire palm with the product is a strict no-no! Overusing your body wash can do no good to your skin. In fact, it can strip your skin of natural oils, leaving it drier than before. And if you don’t rinse it off completely, then it can leave behind a sticky or greasy feeling. About a quarter-sized squirt is just enough to wash your entire body. With body wash, less is more!

the best body washes and how to use them

Tip #2: Use body wash in the right places

Body wash is meant for your body, not your face! So, do not put it on your face as it may cause dryness and clog pores. Simply lather it up in your hands, in a washcloth or a loofah before applying it all over your body. Start with your neck, and work your way down your body, including hands, arms, underarms, shoulder, pelvic region, legs and feet. If you’re using a loofah or washcloth, then save the dirtiest areas for the last.

the best body washes and how to use them

Tip #3: Always rinse with warm water

Hot water may feel really good and relaxing after a long, tiring day. Unfortunately, it’s not the best temperature for your body. Rinsing your skin with hot water causes your skin to dry out, and if you already have dry skin, then the condition can only get worse. After lathering your body wash all over your body, rinse thoroughly using warm water. This way, the water won’t strip your skin of moisture.

the best body washes and how to use them

Tip #4: Slough off dead cells

Your entire body is covered in skin cells, however, not all the cells are alive. While some have been replaced by healthy cells, others are dead yet don’t leave your body. These lifeless cells that remain on the surface of your skin cause problems such as calluses, breakouts, grimy feet and clog pores. It is, therefore, important to remove the dead cells from your body from time to time. Once you’ve lathered your body wash on all the parts of your body where it’s needed, gently rub all over to slough off dead skin cells. An exfoliating body wash is an ideal choice for this.

the best body washes and how to use them

Tip #5: Moisturise right after

The best tip to prevent your skin from drying out post a shower is to use a moisturising body wash. But, even that is not enough! While many body washes do contain moisturising properties such as lotions and oils, your skin certainly needs an extra boost of hydration. And that’ll come from a moisturiser or body lotion. As soon as you’re done with your shower, pat your skin dry and reach for your trusty moisturiser within three minutes of your wash. At this time, your skin is damp, which will help your lotion lock in moisture.                                                                   

the best body washes and how to use them

If you’re looking for a body wash that is hydrating and at the same time leaves you feeling fresh and smelling good, then here are our favourite picks:

Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Butter and Rose Aroma Bountiful Moisture Body Wash

A shout-out to vegans out there! This body wash is vegan and cruelty-free, has no skincare baddies and is infused with plant-based cleansers. There couldn’t have been a better way to make bathing an enjoyable experience.

Pears Naturale Detoxifying Aloevera Bodywash

If you’re a sucker for natural ingredients in your skincare, then this body wash is just for you. It has an exciting mix of aloe vera and olive oil. Aloe purifies the skin while olive oil protects it.

Lux Magical Spell Body Wash With Black Orchids And Juniper Oil

A body wash that leaves you feeling fresh and smelling great. Can there be a better combination? This one here promises a fragrance that lasts for up to eight hours.

Liril Lemon and Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

This body wash is sure to transform your bathing experience, giving you that sense of freshness after every shower. It won’t just give you long-lasting fragrance, but will also keep your skin healthy.

Dove Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals Body Wash

It is mild, moisturising and helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture; just what you need to pamper your skin every single day. With a blend of skin-loving ingredients and delicate, warm scents of coconut milk and jasmine, this body wash will leave your skin balanced and renewed.

St. Ives Exfoliating Apricot Body Wash

An exfoliating body wash that’ll help buff away dead skin cells and leave you with soft, smooth skin. Made with 100 percent natural extracts, this apricot body wash cleanses skin thoroughly and imparts a healthy glow.