If there are three things, I want an endless supply of they have to be bobby pins, scrunchies and lip balms. I kid you not, I literally don’t know how they keep disappearing! If I had to sit and take stock, I probably spend a good ten percent of my salary just buying them! To my boss: “If you’re listening, this is why I need a raise.”

Working in the beauty space makes this situation a whole lot worse. I’m always eager to try out new products and then give my two cents to the team. So, a couple of months back when Vaseline launched their new Lip Therapy chapsticks, I couldn’t help myself!

Now before I give you guys my verdict as to whether they’ve become a permanent resident in my beauty bag or not, there is some basic information on the product you need to know.

Now you can always go and read about the product online, but honestly when I’m buying a lip balm for the winter (this excludes the times I’m buying them just ‘cause they look cute), there are just two things I look at: 1) Does is last long and provide moisturisation for a considerable amount of time? 2) What are the ingredients?

So the Vaseline Lip Therapy chapsticks…

·         Are available in 4 flavours/ variants – 3 tinted and 1 original

·         Promise to provide 24 hours of moisturisation

·         Are nourished with Vitamin E

If you are testing different lip balms and are on the quest to pick the right one, you can’t just be using it for a day or two. Like any other skincare product, you need to give it a fair share of time for it to work its magic. I suggest at least a couple of weeks.

After using the Vaseline chapsticks for over 3 months now, here is my verdict!

·         They are extremely nourishing and don’t leave a waxy or sticky feeling on the lips. They are super light but still hydrating making them a great option for winter.

·         I love the fact that they are enriched with ingredients like Vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter as well as almond oil. Vitamin E as an ingredient is great for skincare products as it provides nourishment as well as antioxidant properties, which can protect the skin from any damage (like UV rays).

·         And a bonus is the fact that it’s tinted. On lazy days, I often don’t feel like getting all dolled up, so this is a great alternative to lipstick! I tried some cool hacks with it too! Check out the video for more.