What it takes to achieve instantly clear and glowing skin? One hour at the salon, that’s it! Getting a facial at the salon, that is. It rejuvenates your skin and makes it glowy and visibly younger in just one session. An hour of pampering yourself with much-deserved relaxing sesh and treating your skin the way it should be? Yes, please! However, facials have other benefits than just clearing your skin of dirt and making it glow. The multi-step beauty treatment involves face massage, steam, CTM, exfoliation and more which address your different skin woes and unlocks healthier and flawless complexion.

If you are oblivious to the umpteen facial benefits and think of it as a way to unwind after a stressful work week, you are not alone. We would like to tell you that facial can benefit your skin in more ways than you can imagine. From nixing blackheads to improving blood circulation, this relaxing treatment can really take your skincare game up a notch, and the results are anything but short-lived. Here are all the facial benefits you didn’t know until now and why you need to get it on a regular basis for the better of your skin. Read on...


1. Clears dirt

Clears dirt

First and foremost, facial cleanses off every last trace of oil, dirt and pollution off the face which makes your complexion dull and dreary. The first step of facial is cleansing which involves thorough clean-up of face and neck using a cleansing lotion or foam or oil-based cleanser and wiping the deep settled grime and excess oil off of face and then exfoliating which further cleanses the pores. This dirt settled into pores leads to blackheads and the professional treatment makes sure your skin is clean and healthy. It is a great way to do away with the dirt of the week and get a clearer complexion in the process.   


2. Tones your skin

Tones your skin

The facial massage is the most important (and fun) part of a facial. It calms your mind and soothes skin. But it has many other skin benefits too. It not only stimulates blood circulation and gives you a healthy glow from within, but it tones and tightens the facial skin too. Massaging with fingertips strengthens the facial muscles and tones the skin on your face and neck which is prone to become saggy and wrinkly. The salon expert massages your face in a circular motion and upward direction which uplifts your skin and leaves it naturally contoured. If you get facial on a regular basis, your skin will become more toned and firm with time.


3. Removes dead skin

Removes dead skin

The most noticeable upshot of facial is a bright and clear complexion. This is because the skin is exposed to steam which opens the pores and then treated with a mild scrub to exfoliate dead skin and unlock a brighter complexion. This helps getting the tiniest bit of dull and dead skin on your skin scraped off and making it soft and smooth. Exfoliation also gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads on your nose and chin and excess sebum on your T-zone which contributes to acne. All in all, it is a good way to get spotless, brighter skin in a tick.  


4. A double dose of hydration

A double dose of hydration

If there’s one thing that makes facial a winner of the skincare treatments is the hydration boost it gives to your skin. This is one facial benefit that makes this the most tempting and fruitful way to care for your skin. Your skin is pampered with a super hydrating face mask for a good amount of time and the session is wrapped up with a lightweight moisturizer at the end that leaves your skin moisturized and healthy. If you have extremely dry skin, a facial can come to your rescue and turn your blah skin into one plump, healthy-looking one.   


5. De-puffs eyes

De-puffs eyes

One of the lesser known benefits of facial is the under eye care you get with the treatment. Apart from giving you a bright and impeccable complexion, it is also extremely good for your tired and puffy eyes. The facial massage treats the sensitive area under your eyes and eliminates dark circles, eye bags, and puffiness. The treatment often involves an eye cream that targets all your under eye woes and leaves the under eye area moisturized and nourished. Also, the cucumber placed on eyes while you have a face mask on soothes eyes and rejuvenate the tired and dull skin.


6. Reduces pigmentation

Reduces pigmentation

If you have uneven skin tone or pigmented skin with dark spots, tan and red spots on your face and neck area, then regular facial can benefit you big time. Pigmented skin is a result of melanin production, sun exposure, internal disease, and so on. Facial regulates blood circulation and helps in giving you an even toned skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone. There are specific facials for pigmentation too that use skincare products with antioxidants and Vitamin C to lighten the dark patches and improves the overall complexion and lends natural radiance.


7. Fights signs of ageing

Fights signs of ageing

Saggy skin and wrinkles are frustrating and unsightly, and if they appear earlier than they should, it is even worse. Getting facials on a regular basis slows down your ageing clock by making your skin healthier and firmer. The steps of facial like scrubbing, toning, massaging and masking helps stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and tightens facial skin which further helps keep premature ageing signs like wrinkles, smile lines, crow’s feet, fine lines, baggy eyes at bay. This excellent facial benefit is a reason enough for you to book an appointment for a facial now because let’s face it is the easiest and most fun way to get younger-looking skin. 


8. Your skin absorbs better

Your skin absorbs better

Facial makes your skin smooth and soft which ultimately results in boosting your skin’s absorption abilities with time. This means that after getting a facial, your skin’s surface is even and plump which helps your skincare products to absorb and penetrate better into the skin and it also makes your makeup products to blend well and help you achieve a flawless finish. In other words, a facial gets off all the impurities like dirt, blackheads and oil off skin and leaves it porcelain smooth which helps your beauty products to absorb better and quick. 


9. Reduces stress

Reduces stress

This one’s a no brainer and an unmissable facial benefit. The whole point of spending an hour in a salon for a facial is that you come out of it looking and feeling fresh. Facial is proved to be able to not only release any tension in your face and neck muscles, but also the chaos and stress in your mind. When you are in stress, it affects your skin in ways you are not even aware of. Stress can cause breakouts, ageing signs and more. Getting facial is an amazing way to unwind and revitalise your skin and calm your mood at the end of every stressful week. An hour of relaxing facial benefits your skin and your mind equally and you know what they say, a healthy mind means healthy skin.