Looking To Pamper Your Bridesmaids? We Have The Perfect Plan

Written by Urvi ShahMar 30, 2022
Looking to pamper your bridesmaids? We have the perfect plan

Are you planning to treat your bridesmaids to a day of self-care? We have just the place for you—one where you will encounter indigenous, age-old secrets reminiscent of traditional Indian beauty, and experience them intimately.

You're familiar with the place already. Yup, we're talking about your trusted Lakmé Salon that has now launched a new line of services. 'Beauty Sutra', which engages you in an immersive experience, is rooted in ancient remedies, and ideal for a day of rejuvenation. Here's what you need to know about the range.


01. What services does Beauty Sutra include?

All delivered to you in a tranquil, quiet setting…

As the wedding season starts to dawn, everyone is on the lookout for pre-bridal treatments to treat the skin, Lakmé Salon's new luxe line brings to-be-brides, to-be-grooms, and bridesmaids everything they're looking for—manicure, pedicure, facial, and hair-spa services that you can indulge in starting now.

Their facials employ the richness of neem, tulsi, turmeric, saffron, sandalwood, and jasmine, and their hand and feet care is the epitome of luxury what with the usage of saffron oil, eladi keram, nagkesar, tamarind seed extract, ksheerbala tailam, brown sugar, yashtimadhu tailam, ashwagandha root powder, and sandalwood powder.

And that's not it. Let's talk about their invigorating hair-spas. Enriched with aloe vera juice and hibiscus extracts—which penetrate deeper into the hair shaft—and liquorice and balloon vine—that clean the scalp and combat the formation of dandruff with their antifungal and antibacterial properties—these spas will spoil you silly. Bridesmaids, it's your time to shine. Literally!

The salon will launch full-body services to deliver to customers an indulgent experience, and we cannot wait.  



02. All delivered to you in a tranquil, quiet setting…

All delivered to you in a tranquil, quiet setting…

Each service is delivered by trained backstage experts, using ancient techniques to get best out of each ingredient and provide a sensorial feeling. Crafted to be experienced in a tranquil and calm setting, these services are highly recommended for brides and grooms-to-be to help rejuvenate their minds and bodies in the run-up to their wedding.

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