Your Feet Called, They Want These Pampering Pedicures!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Your feet called, they want these pampering pedicures!

Be honest! Do you give you feet as much thought as you give your hands? Yes, you love to flaunt a trendy manicure but did you know your feet need the same TLC too? No, right? Well, it’s high time you show your tippy-toes some love and get yourself some serious foot care. Here are 3 pedicures for you to relax and make your feet look pretty and soft as ever.

pampering pedicures

A de-tan pedicure

Has the hustle of everyday left you with tanned and dark feet? Get your pretty feet back and do away with the dirt, pollution and dust and whatever turned your happy feet into dull and dreary ones. We suggest pampering your feet with the Summer Detanning Foot Mask at the Lakmé salon for visibly appealing and gorgeous feet.

pampering pedicures

Chocolate pedicure

Chocolate has umpteen skin benefits and when it comes to feet care, it one of the best ingredients to treat your feet with, as the antioxidants in it makes your feet supple, smooth and younger-looking.  Plus, if you are someone who gets high on the smell of cocoa, this one’s perfect for you. Soak your feet in a delicious chocolate bath and buff away dry skin with a moisturising cocoa scrub. Need we say more?

pampering pedicures

Aromatic pedicure

Indulge in a de-stressing and soothing pedi experience with your feet dipped in essential oils and therapeutic herbs followed by a relaxing foot massage. Gets you calm just thinking about it, doesn’t it? It won’t just relax your mind and tired feet, but also makes them soft and smooth. You can try the Aroma Next Pedicure at the Lakmé salon for a luxurious experience. 

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