All The Essentials You Need For A Salon-Worthy Pedicure At Home

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
All the essentials you need for a salon-worthy pedicure at home

One of the main reasons why most of you might hesitate from indulging in at-home beauty treatments is the lack of proper tools. Using the right tools and products can instantly make you feel more confident when doing DIYs. And since there are limited salon services available due to the pandemic, you might have no other option than to treat yourself to facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures at home.

But unlike facials and waxing, at-home pedicures are pretty easy to execute and require essentials you already have or can easily get your hands on. Plus, since your feet are more prone to infections during the monsoon, it becomes all the more important to indulge in regular pedicure sessions to keep them clean and dirt free.

Here’s a list of all the essentials you’ll need to give yourself a salon-worthy pedicure at home.


01. Soaking salts

06. Nail kit

You can use soaking salts like Epsom salt, dead sea salt, fragrant bath salts or even bath bombs for your pedicure sesh. They get rid of odour, are antibacterial and keep excessive sweating in check. They also act as gentle exfoliators to get rid of dead skin cells and give you soft, smooth feet.


02. Essential oils

06. Nail kit

Adding essential oils to your tub of water combines the benefits of skin treatment and aromatherapy in one. They have a relaxing fragrance, and the varieties available cater to different skin needs. For instance, tea tree oil is antiseptic; chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, and eucalyptus gets rid of aches and pains. Soaking your feet in essential oils can also soften the calluses under your feet.


03. Foot scraper

06. Nail kit

You can use metal scrapers, hard-bristled brushes or pumice stones to scrub off all the exfoliated dead skin sitting on your feet after the soak. Pumice stones are a good natural option; metal scrapers can be used for the balls of your feet, and brushes are useful to clean in between your toes!


04. Body polishing scrub

06. Nail kit

Some might say that you only need either a scraping tool or a body polishing scrub to exfoliate your feet. We say you need both. While scraping tools only get rid of dead surface skin, a polishing scrub helps smoothen and moisturise your feet. Scrubs with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and other hydrating agents provide deep conditioning to your feet (and legs) in addition to exfoliation.

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05. Massage cream

06. Nail kit

No foot pedicure session is ever complete without a relaxing massage. Grab your favourite massage cream or body lotion and get massaging. Your feet are one of the most ignored parts of your body when it comes to skincare. So, a good massage at the end of the pedicure sesh will take care of most of their moisturising needs. They don’t ask for much!

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06. Nail kit

06. Nail kit

A pedicure is incomplete without tending to your toenails properly. From removing old nail paint at the start of the pedicure to adding the last topcoat at the end, nail kits add finishing touches to your pedicure. Invest in a kit that has add-ons like toe separators and scissors; they will make your pedicure sesh effortless.

Once you get your hands on the essentials, simply follow this easy video guide to give yourself a salon-style pedicure in the comfort of your home!

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