5 Simple Ways To Care For Your Oft-Overlooked Cuticles

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
5 simple ways to care for your oft-overlooked cuticles

“I love my hangnails”, said no woman ever. Especially if you are a woman who likes to keep her nails well done! But if you are that manicure maniac who often ends up giving her cuticles a royal snub; then this is just the thing you need to read today. Allow us to tell you ladies, that your cuticles have more of a role to play in keeping your nail game strong than you can imagine.

Cuticles act as a barrier when it comes to protecting new nails from bacteria when they grow out from the nail root, precisely why, caring for the cuticles is important to keep your nails healthy. Remember that peeling, biting, ripping and picking at them is not a solution.

We’ve got you covered with 5 tips to care for your cuticles...


Cutting your cuticles is a strict no-no

Drying agents can be harmful

We understand that cuticles can be annoying, but that does not mean you chop them off. Cutting your cuticles can open up a barrier to bacteria which in turn can cause an infection on your fingers. That’s not all! Cutting your cuticles will cause it to grow back thicker and this thick skin can give your freshly painted nails a grown-out effect.


Stop nibbling on your cuticles

Drying agents can be harmful

Saliva is an enzyme that breaks down the skin. If you violate the cuticles, it can lead to infections. Therefore, if you have a habit of biting your nails or nibbling on your cuticles, STOP now! It’ll help you flaunt healthier and prettier nails.


Moisturising is key

Drying agents can be harmful

In order to keep your cuticles soft, it is important to moisturise them on a daily basis. Just how you keep your skin moisturised, your cuticles too need equal TLC. You can get your hands on the Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and rub it into your cuticles regularly. This will keep dry cuticles from peeling, cracking and flaking. Oiling your cuticles is another way of keeping them in good condition. Invest in a good cuticle oil to keep your nail game going strong!


Cuticle pusher to your rescue

Drying agents can be harmful

Gently pushing your cuticles in is the problem-solver! This way, you neither have to cut them nor bother about them coming in the way of a good manicure. Make sure you use a gentle wooden orange stick or cuticle pusher. Because cuticles play a crucial role in protecting the nails, you need to be gentle while pushing the cuticles in. Being too rough can damage them and cause infection.


Drying agents can be harmful

Drying agents can be harmful

Chemical substances like detergents, soaps or nail paints can cause allergic reaction leading to skin irritation and peeling. In such cases, it is important that you use an acetone-free nail polish remover always. Doing so will reduce the skin around your nails from drying.

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